10 best Shopify POS alternative | Shopify is a POS application that used by the retailers to sell their product online with great features which a retailer needs but competitors and alternative of each application are there in the world of the internet. So here are some alternative POS of Shopify and the explanation why they work best as an alternative of Shopify :

1- Mytrendin POS

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Mytrendin POS is a free POS which is a new way to handle your retail store and is a Shopify POS alternative. The retail advantage with Mytrendin POS is that it has a feature of giving multi-outlet to a retail user, and inventory management system, effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow in every way. This website provides a user a team specialist for the installation and network configuration and updates the software whenever needed. The features that are great about this website is that this website is simple and user-friendly with multiple outlet POS and inventory and customer management systems and product barcode scan system. This POS has more than 5000 happy customers and more than 25 awards and more than 50 countries.

2- LemonStand POS

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LemonStand POS is a refreshingly customizable eCommerce platform which can be used by the user as Shopify POS alternative. This POS has a 14-day free trial option and has great features to go with. The POS can be designed the way a user wants with the flexible product and pricing and an eCommerce CMS and blog. It has simple and the pricing is also low for the user as for starter it is $19/month with 75 orders/month and standard email support. For the growing business and for professional it has pricing as $69/month with 300 orders/month and standard email support and $199/month with 1000 orders/month and priority email support respectively.


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HDPOS is a Shopify POS alternative with the features like easy and smart billing system, GST, stock and product management for the business of user, reporting making the making the scheme and offers this POS receive payment, barcode printing, and financial accounting. Their website has an option for the users to select their store type and get started with the POS. The pricing for this POS:
1- HDPOS Smart which is a Stand Alone version for the single cash register with a price of USD $340.
2- HDPOS Smart which is Client-Server Version for Two clients connected to a single server on LAN with the price of USD $600 for two users and for more user USD $200/user.
And there are many products which are provided by the HDPOS like HDPOS Smart On Cloud, HDPOS eShop, HDPOS Smart Client-Server Version fr Additional Client, HDPOS smart Companion Android App With HDPOS smart Server and many more.


4- Spectrum POS

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Spectrum POS can work as Shopify POS alternative as the POS is the next-generation retail management which works with all platform as Windows PC and tablets, and Android Mobile also. They have the POS that work for the businesses like dine-In & food courts, restaurant & bars, bakeries & cake shops, ice cream parlors, groceries & general stores, super & hypermarket stores, and lifestyle & fashion etc. this POS provide features like management system for distribution, inventory, material, and warehouse, planning and procurement, eCommerce for the business, and reporting and analytics.

5- GoFrugal POS

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GoFrugal POS works for the retailers, restaurants, and distributer and is a great Shopify POS alternative. The POS for retails have the features like fast billing, inventory, cloud POS, multi-store management etc. which works for the retailers with business as supermarket, hypermarket, pharmacy, apparel, fashion, spa and saloon, books and sports store etc. For restaurants and bars, bakery and sweet shop, and other food material the POS come with the features as touch POS, inventory or recipe management, web and tablet cloud POS, multi-store management etc. For the distributes of packed food, medicines, lubricators and other material the POS has features of order management, control price and margin, offers and scheme, inventory and return management it comes with many more features. The plans of the POS is like RS.15000 for a starter, RS.25000 for standard business, and RS.60000 for professional business with 4 hours, 6hours and 9 hours services for each plan respectively.



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6- SlickPOS

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SlickPOS is a Shopify POS alternative and much better than that as it is free if the ambitious business person is looking for a POS. It has a cloud storage feature for the retailers to store their accounts for more years. This point of sale works for the Desktop, iOS, and Android also through which you can run your store fas and reliable. The POS is made for the business like Food and Drinks, Home and Lifestyle, Fashion and Boutiques, Small Retail business etc. This POS provide their free service to the people who are starting their startups and this POS works offline also. This POS is able to manage the retailer’s inventory system and can manage the recipe system also which is sent digitally to the customer for their storage purpose. Live analytics and growing its ecosystem are some other features for this application. The pricing for this POS:
1- Free of cost with features unlimited free usage, support and help for the first 2 months and after 2 months 1000 receipts/month limit, and cloud history of 1-year sales.
2- The Smart plan has pricing as ₹999 / $19 per month or ₹9,999 / $199 per year with the feature which is unlimited for the users.
3- The Perpetual plan has ₹59,999 / $999 which is one-time pay and can be used forever.

7- JustBilling POS

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JustBilling POS works for restaurants, retailers, and services like an accountant, lawyer, consultant, florist, trainer, and a photographer which is an Shopify POS alternative. This company has two things one as mobile billing application, and other as windows POS software. The billing applications have features as GST billing, order, purchase, customer, inventory and accounting management, offers & Discounts, and reports & statistics maker for the user purpose. The POS software has the same features as the billing application. The pricing for retailers, restaurants, distributors and other servicers windows and android subscription is RS.21240 for both when paid annually.


8- WooCommerce POS

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WooCommerce POS is an Shopify POS alternative which can replace it as it is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building the users online business. This POS has around 48,752,678 downloads which have powers over 28% of all online stores. The features like a modern system, a user can sell anything, build on WordPress, more than 400 official extensions, has countless themes, built-in blogging, customize for user location, unlimited images, galleries and products and more features. The pricing for WooCommerce Membership starts at $149 and WooSubscriptiions starts at $199.


9- 3dcart POS

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3dcart POS can be used as the alternative POS of Shopify which is the best eCommerce platform for SEO. The feature like easy to use and customize, no transaction fees which attracts the users for the eCommerce website for this POS for their business. This POS for the online store is quick and easy to customize, visa PCI certified, real-time shipping, credit card acceptions, search engine optimization, and social media Commerce. The pricing for this website is unlimited for $29/month and 15-days free trial.

10- Zoey POS

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Zoey POS comes with powerful B2B functionality and modern B2C capabilities which can be used as an alternative POS of Shopify. This functionality and capability have many features for a business person to look at and take this use it for their business. The Powerful B2B functionality has access restriction of products for the business, customer group which comes with a free trial of 14-days. The modern B2C capabilities have features like mobile friendly, drag and drop design editor, promotional and discount coupons, free and responsive themes, code-free design and live preview. The pricing for this POS system is:
1- Entry plan for this POS is $399/month and if an annually paid user can save 10% with both B2B and B2C on one site, 2 site account, 5 customer groups and other features.
2- Power plan for this POS is $599/month and if paid annually the user can save 10% with everything from the entry plan, 5 staff account, 10 customer groups and other features.
3- Advanced plan for this POS is $899/month and if paid annually the user can save 15% with everything from power plan, 10 staff account, 20 customer groups and other features.

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