POS systems are that are making a big difference in the retail market and small business. Their many POS in the market like Vend, Shopify, Square POS etc. but these are really expensive when it comes to their systems and software. So here are some vend POS system alternative which can be used:-

1- Mytrendin POS Visit Website

“A New Way to handle your retail store” the tagline that helps a business person to give its business a great vend POS system alternative with lots of features. This POS system provides gives a business person easy installation and network configuration as the team specialist visit the store and then configure a reliable, fast network. After installation, there is an automatic software update as soon as the release is there. This POS has great features like simple & user-friendly interface, multiple outlet POS, inventory management, product barcode, easy report systems, etc. With 50+ countries, 5000+ clients, and 25+ awards this POS is free of cost.


2-Loyverse POS Visit Website

This provides both the POS system and Inventory System on their website which can be used as vend POS system alternative. This POS is a free point of sale system for small stores, coffee shops, beauty salons etc with many features. This application manages the business smartly and grows it strongly with mobile free POS system. This mobile free POS has features like printed or electronic receipts, easy refunds and discounts coupons, item modifiers with work offline system which can be installed at multiple locations. This POS manages your inventory system, employee details, do the analysis of sales of a store, keeps the customer’s database with other more works. The pricing for this POS system is basically free for its products but for the employment management with is $5 USD/month per employee and $50 USD/year per employee, for the advanced inventory it is $25 USD/month per store and $250 USD/year per store with special offers for more than 2 stores and the premium support of 24/7 with pricing of $25 USD/month and $250 USD/ year. For the employee management and advanced inventory, they have 14-day free trial and their website have their own products for both Android and iOS as both normal and label printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers tablet stands etc.


3-Pin Payments POS Visit Website

The vend POS system alternative as pin payments accepts the payment in the customer’s way as simple, secure and reliable. When a user runs an online business, invoice clients, or process card sales manually, this POS system for the business provides the user with a platform for accepting payments online. For this POS a user don’t need a merchant account and can start this POS for free and the customers can pay user online and the funds are paid to the user only. For the payment system, one account can have multiple ways to do payments as online stores payments, in-person or in invoices payments, the user can have manual sales etc. This POS comes with simple, clear pricing with safe and secure which grows with the users business. This pricing for the pin payments are 1.75%+30c on AUD transactions and for AUD settlements and foreign currency transaction the pricing is 2.6%+30c and 2% of conversion fee and for the foreign settlement, the pricing 3.6%+30c is the transaction fee.

4-Hike POS Visit Website

The vend POS system alternative is a POS that can sell you product in-store, on-the-go, online with integrated eCommerce and the Amazon marketplace will be coming soon in the POS. This POS work on iPad, PC, Mac and both as online and offline which is fully customized with good discount coupons. The payments can be done fully integrated cards and gift cards also. The inventory and eCommerce they provide store and customer management, it provides the report of store whether its multiple or single store. The hardware of this POS comes with the integrated scanner, printer, cash drawer and payment processors. This POS pricing comes with both monthly and yearly plan. For the yearly plan $49 USD / month, paid yearly for a start-up with 1 outlet, unlimited products, 1 register license included an additional $29/month, $79USD / month, paid yearly for one store with 1 outlet, unlimited products, 1 register license included an additional $29/month, and $129USD / month, paid yearly for multi-store with multiple outlets, unlimited products, 2 register license included an additional $29/month. In the monthly pricing plan is $49 USD / month, paid monthly for a start-up with 1 outlet, unlimited products, 1 register license included an additional $39/month, $89USD / month, paid monthly for one store with 1 outlet, unlimited products, 1 register license included an additional $39/month, and $169USD / month, paid monthly for multi-store with multiple outlets, unlimited products, 2 register license included an additional $39/month.

5-Slick POS Visit Website

This POS which is the alternative to the vend POS is the cloud-based POS system which works offline for the users with any device like desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and tablet. This POS has a feature that is suitable for restaurants in table management with the discount coupons and payment modes. With the inventory management system, this POS has a digital receipt and the dashboard and reporting system. The pricing is free of cost with the unlimited free usage, support and helps for the first 2 months and 1000 receipts/month limit after 2 months and unlimited users. For the smart plans, the pricing is ₹999 / $19 per month or ₹9,999 / $199 per year with the register at ₹499 / $9 per month, unlimited receipts/month and unlimited users. For the perpetual plan, the pricing is ₹59,999 / $999 with the register at ₹29,999 / $499 and user can use the POS for forever.

6-Toast POS Visit Website

This vend POS system alternative is the all in one platform with the cloud-based architecture and improved efficiency and customer management. This POS is basically for the restaurants with the all-in-one system which monitors your restaurants in real time at any time from anywhere. Improved security and operational efficiency which build a powerful guest database and inventory management. This POS create both digital and physical gift cards and online ordering, takeout, and delivery at the restaurants. The pricing of this POS software starting at $79/terminal and the hardware with 0% financing. The installation starts at $499 and the processing is simple is flat free.

7-Clover POS Visit Website

Clover builds smart, a customized point of sale systems that make running your business easier. This POS a vend POS system alternative has four basic systems as clover full station, clover mini, clover flex, and clover go. This POS makes a user business an online store and keeps the user’s customer information safe which indirectly generates gift cards that a customer receive. The full station has a tap, dip, swipe that is faster to work with features of next level security this full station has a printer, cash drawer, card swiper and a display option. On the other hand, clover mini is small in stature only with a lot of things like hardware for sales and software that do multitasking. The feature of this is that it has a big display and the receipt printer and thinks of the safety of the customer first. The clover flex is a system which accepts all kind of payments and the scalers that grows as the user grows is business. The best part is that it is small in size but can do all kind of work for a business person. The clover go is just the tap, insert, swipe, repeat but user need to keep the wifi active to use this system.

8-Amber POS Visit Website

This POS a vend POS system alternative has features as fast transaction processing, complete inventory management, easy payments and gift cards for the customer, customer management with the smart reporting and analytics for the user easily. This POS provide user to do the multi-store operation and employee management to the user with their full support to the user. This POS works with all kind of business like clothing & apparel, footwear & luggage, cameras & electronics, toy and pets, sporting goods, gift and vape shops, wine & liquor, guns & tactical gear, hardware stores, and books & music etc.

9-Lightspeed POS Visit Website

This POS works for retail, eCommerce and restaurants and many more. The retail POS of this POS has inventory management, reporting, and analytics, mobility and cloud services, with the multi-store option it provides the user the integrated payments. This POS for retailers come with the pricing of $99/month with 1 register and up to 5 employee access. The eCommerce POS has features as inventory, design, orders, marketing, reporting, international sales and many more features with the pricing of $59/month with 250 products and 1 user account. This POS provide restaurants with different POS systems with features as management, tableside ordering, staff and customer details safety etc. in the pricing of $69/month.

10-My Axis Point POS Visit Website

This POS a vend POS system alternative is made for restaurants which comes with all the features of table-side order & payment, single or multiple location installation and different payment methods. This POS is fully redundant, flexible, and always available which is easy to be used the new generation. This POS comes with the pricing with $129/month for all type of business.

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