In a world where business is turning into a cut-throat competition, nobody would want to lag behind in terms of technology. Just like a student needs to fulfill all criteria to get into college that’s exactly how a Point Of Sale software needs certain features before it qualifies to be helpful in turning your business into a successful venture. Here we will lay down the 10 important attributes of a Point Of Sale software, that you need to make sure is possessed by your Point Of Sale Software.

1) The accuracy of the inventory

Without this feature being intact, expecting your business to run smoothly will just remain a dream. This problem causes plenty of headaches to retailers all around the world. Every time that a product is sold or returned, your inventory should change and evolve accordingly. Purchasing a cloud-based POS will be of great help and can solve this issue quite easily.

2) Multiple methods of payment

People are indulging in the use of credit cards and debit cards. Cash is not as popular as it used to be. So, its necessary that while making the purchase, you make sure that the software is compatible with all kinds of methods of payment.

3) Customer History

Maintaining a detailed account of everything that a customer bought or returned is extremely important for many reasons. It helps one track a customer’s record with the help of which the retailer will be aware of his most valuable customers and the stuff that people are most interested and excited to splurge their money on. This information can contribute to the growth of a retailer’s business.



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4) Printing Barcodes

Imagine a store without labels on all its products! This might be a dream come true for the shoplifters but a nightmare for the retailers. But we have a solution for this problem. Why don’t you choose a POS which can also print out labels with barcodes?

Mytrendin offers a system which allows you to print labels! In fact, we also offer free demonstrations because we understand how expensive and a huge investment it could be for a retailer.

5) In-depth reports on products

An in-depth analysis of all the products and how much they are selling should be just a couple of clicks away.

6) Able to add outlets

One needs a software which can add other outlets because as the business grows, the retailers might add more stores. This future-proof plan could be quite helpful for retailers in the long run.

7) Notifies administration about every sale

If the administration is aware of every little development then the business will run as smoothly as possible without any unnecessary hindrance caused by wrong information or calculations performed manually.

8) Simple and user-friendly interface

If the user is not at ease with the software then he/she will turn to the user’s manual every now and then and this may lead to discrepancies in the information added to the POS.

9) Super-fast checkout

A super fast and easy checkout is what customers crave. Nobody likes standing in long queues for hours and will eventually stop visiting your store if they find one which does not make them stand for so long.

10) Compatibility

Your software should be compatible with all third-party soft-wares. So when there’s a change in your inventory then the registers will be automatically updated, this will keep the employees informed.

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