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5+ best free antivirus for android

5+ best free antivirus for android | With the advancement in technology and with the increase in digitalization, there is an increase in security threat too. Every day the news of malware and hacking hits the headlines and considering this, one might be wondering about how to protect our phones and all its data so that it does not go into wrong hands.

The best idea to protect your phones and other devices from online threat is by using an anti-virus. An antivirus app can be used for your android devices which can help in cleaning up the harmful URLs, viruses, infected SD cards, and Trojans. It can also protect our privacy from other types of different threats such as improper app permissions. So here are the five best antivirus apps which can keep your devices protected from theft or viruses. Here we find out the 5+ best free antivirus for android.

Avira Antivirus Security

best free antivirus for android - Avira

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This antivirus is not limited to scanning files that you download but it also scans external storage such as your SD card. This app for android is very easy to use, it scans all the apps for malware, looks for threats in external storage devices, and shows which apps have access to our private information and which cannot be trusted that can further cause harm to the device. All the applications are rated with the help of a privacy scale which can help you in deciding which apps can be trusted or not.

You can do scheduled scans once a day or according to your own convenience. You can always go for a manual scan whenever you want to check for malware like ransomware or other unwanted programs. If a threat is found then you will be alerted to the type of threat, it could be a risk ware or PUP etc. After that, you will have the option of either ignoring the threat or deleting them. It also has a web shield which scans for malware URLs.

Further, the app can also be set up to send notification only when a malware/threat is found. The app also has an anti-theft tool which can help you in finding your device remotely and you can even lock it or even wipe it through your Avira Connect account. The apps which will have access to your personal information will be categorized as being high risk, medium risk, or low risk; you can always remove these. And all the threats will be marked in red so that you can easily identify these. The option Activity shows what Avira has been doing and what it finds. that is why we put Avira on this list of best free antivirus for android.

AVG Antivirus

best free antivirus for android - AVG

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The AVG Antivirus is one of the best free antiviruses for android and was very first antivirus app on Google Play that reached 100 million downloads. It protects you from unwanted callers, viruses, malware, unsafe apps, and settings. It also supports scheduled scans and can also scan the files stored on the internal storage device. It warns you about apps that other users have reported as a threat so that you no longer use that app. Its other functions are that it protects you against malicious apps and can treat unwanted programs as malware.

It cleans junk files that you no longer need and free up space on your disk. You can also find the security threats by scanning the network you are connected to. There is also a power save feature that will shut down things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when the battery gets too low. There is the option of call blocker which can stop spam callers from calling. It also lets you block contacts.


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Security Master

best free antivirus for android - Security Master

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This app includes privacy protection tools like a password to open an app. With the help of intruder selfie option, if someone enters incorrect password then the device will take the photo of the concerned person. A cleaner helps in restoring the storage used by things like junk files. There is a safe browsing tool that helps you in deleting your browsing history.

You can use Caller ID & Block option to block private numbers, any number you choose and international numbers. This app can also help you in identifying the phone’s temperature. If it finds out that the temperature is high then it shuts down the apps that are using system resources in order to cool off the phone.

Bitdefender Antivirus

best free antivirus for android - Bitdefender

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You can manually start a scan with this app and can choose whether you want your SD card to be included in your search against the threats and viruses or not. Once the whole scan has taken place, you will be able to protect your device against any new app installs. These apps will automatically be blocked before they are able to do any damage to your device. If you find any threat then you will be taken into the results screen from where you can uninstall that particular app.

Avast Antivirus & Security

best free antivirus for android - Avast

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It is an app which can altogether take care of your RAM boosting, security and junk cleaning. Some of the extra features in the free version of this app are call blocking and even an anti-theft option allowing you to lock or wipe all the data of your Android device if it goes missing. Another very useful feature is in-app locking’ where your device will first ask for a PIN before opening certain apps.

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