Best free Picasa alternative | Photos are an integral part of life. Managing photos is a difficult task. While Picasa has been the go-to choice for people to view and organize their photos, this is the no longer the case as Google has decided to discontinue the Picasa service. Here we have listed of best free Picasa alternative.

Google Photos

best free picasa alternative - google photos

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Google Photos is the best free Picasa alternative for people who would like to remain in the Google ecosystem. It is a good service and Google has made it easy to migrate all your photos to it. While it works best on Android, it can be used on Windows as well. However, it is not a full-fledged app where you can store and view photos. You can use this app to upload photos to your drive and access them via your browser, as Google Photos does not have a desktop client.

The workaround is to install an app called Desktop uploader, which automatically uploads your desired photos to Google Photos. Login to the Desktop uploader app and login with your Gmail account. Select all the folders you wish to be uploaded to Google Photos and your photos will be automatically uploaded to Google Photos. You can view and manage these photos via the web browser by going to the Google Photos website.

Photos App

best free picasa alternative - photos app

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 The Photos App for Windows 10 is a complete app that allows you to manage your photo collection. After several updates, the Photos app has turned into a beautiful and highly useful application to view and manage your photos. There are 4 tabs; Collection, Albums, People, and Folders. The Photos app displays the pictures present in the Pictures Library of Windows Explorer. The collection displays the entire collection ordered by the date. Albums tab contains any albums you have created from the collection of pictures. The Photos app can also identify the people in your pictures and group the photos containing a person under a single group.

You can view photos present on your local computer and also the OneDrive application. You can use this app to view the photos stored in your OneDrive as well. The app allows basic photo editing, adding filters, crop and drawing directly on the image. There is a search bar that allows you to search your collection using the people present in it, where it was taken or what the image contains. That is why we called photos app one of the Best free Picasa alternative.


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best free picasa alternative

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 Irfanview is one of the oldest and most popular photo viewers for Windows. It is small, fast, compact and free to use. It can be used by both beginners and professionals. Irfanview has both 32 and 64-bit versions. Irfanview supports multiple languages, has toolbar skins, slideshow option, you can also do lossless JPG rotation and crop. Other features include File search, email option, embedded color profiles, screen capturing, hotkeys, plugins and command line options. Batch processing is also supported in it. IrfanView not only supports image formats but also play audio and video formats.


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 Phototheca is a photo management software that makes it easy to view, sort, organize and share your digital photos. You can import images from cameras, hard drives, network, iOS devices. You can tag photos and videos with keywords. Phototheca is optimized for Windows 10 and will adapt its UI depending on whether you are using a mouse and keyboard or touch. Phototheca organizes your photos into Events, Albums, and Smart Albums.

You can tag your photos with friends and places where the photo was taken, correct wrong timestamps on your photos. You can view your photos in full-screen mode without any distractions, change the size of the thumbnails with a slider to make them bigger or smaller. Phototheca allows you to navigate your pictures with calendar and timeline features. Phototheca can also identify duplicate photos and find out the where the copies are stored. Sharing your social profiles is also easy.


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 XnView for windows is an efficient multimedia viewer, browser, and converter with a support of over 500 image formats. You can organize your images in various ways, like thumbnail view, fullscreen view, filmstrip view, slideshow or image compare. XnView allows you to edit your images with the following features like Resize, rotate, crop, brightness, contrast, auto levels, auto contrast, depth, and palette. You can apply filters also. XnView lets you create slideshows, web pages, contact sheets, files listings etc. It also offers metadata support, duplicate file finder, batch processing etc.

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