5+ Best WordPress analytics plugin | Having a knowledge about your users such as where your users are coming from, which pages they are visiting the most, how long do they stay on your website, which links do they click on the most, etc. is important from the business point of view.  Analytics provides you with such details and in WordPress, you can apply it using WordPress analytics plugin. So, there are many analytics plugins available on the internet. But from thousands of available WordPress analytics plugins on the internet, it is essential to choose the right one for your WordPress site. So, here we have got you Top 5+ best WordPress analytics plugins for your WordPress website. So, let’s begin…

Best WordPress analytics plugin #1: gAnalytics

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gAnalytics is a premium WordPress analytics plugin. It brings the key statistics right into your WordPress dashboard. It is simple and easy to use. It is very easy to install. When using own API Credentials, the plugin creates the needed redirect URL for you. Once the plugin is connected with Google Analytics, it lists all available Analytics profile in a drop down. GA Compare is highly effective to analyze how your site performs. It is well documented.


Best WordPress analytics plugin #2: Extended Google Analytics

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Extended Google Analytics is a WordPress analytics plugin. It is not easy to add google analytics but it is a powerful WordPress analytics plugin to get the most out of Google Analytics. It Adds google analytics code. It has auto link AdSense to analytics and event tracking for downloads, email to and outbound links. It has a tool to generate campaign tracking links to use in newsletters and other campaigns.  It is very well documented.


Best WordPress analytics plugin #3: Nepirity Analytics

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Nepirity Analytics is a premium wordpress analytics plugin that lets you analyze your website with features integrated with Google Analytics core reporting API. You can check how many people visited your website, from what search engine they came, what keyword they typed, what content is most popular. It is easy to install. It is well documented and cross-browser compatible.


Best WordPress analytics plugin #4: WOLIVE

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WOLIVE is a powerful yet simple WordPress analytics plugin. It allows you track your WordPress Website &  Woocommerce store. It analyzes the behavior of each visitor’s actions of your WordPress, one by one. It has a large number of reports to analyze the behavior of your visitors. In this section, you can analyze by date what happens in your WordPress.  It is very simple and easy to install has minimal configuration and immediate results.


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Best WordPress analytics plugin #5: Post Analytics

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Post-Analytics is WordPress analytics plugin which is created by using Google Analytics APIs which fetches the Statistics based on per Post or Page. It has got features such as You can enable Keywords Cloud of specific post or page. It helps in SEO optimization and allows you to see traffic data for individual blog posts. It is fully customizable and very easy to use. It uses AJAX processing to fetch stats. It is well documented but it works with WordPress versions above 3.0.

So, these are some of the premium analytic plugins for WordPress themes. Hope it helped you in choosing the best-suited plugin that will enhance your WordPress theme.

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