7+ Best Free Online Typing Tutors to improve your typing speed | In our modern technological world, we rely on e-mails, instant messaging and social media and it is very clear that to use any of these we need to know how to type. Luckily, there are many free online typing tutors that can help us in learning how to touch-type and can also help in improving typing. If you can master typing then you can communicate faster online.

Typing tutors are aids which allow users to increase their own typing skills, speed and touch typing techniques. There are various types of typing tutors available such as typing tutor programs, free online typing tutors, and typing tutor software. When it comes to typing practices, typing lessons and typing tests there are few free typing tutors available on the web that can help you. These sites are mostly free and useful to learners.

The main purpose of these free online typing tutors is to provide online typing lessons and typing tests. Some of them also include typing tutor games for children. You don’t need to either download them or install them as they are free to use. Here is the list of 7 best free online typing tutors which can help you in learning to type online. These typing tutors provide great typing lessons available for beginners to advanced level. Now let’s look at all these free typing tutors that are available online:

Typing Test

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TypingTest.com is a good platform to learn to type. This site provides you with step by step methods to follow for learning to type online. To try out the typing test you do not need to do registration but if you want to learn everything then you will have to register with the website. The test available on the website is based on following levels- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Business. The full typing course has 14 touch typing lessons along with 4 lessons of symbols typing plus 7 lessons on how to build speed while typing. You can also find multiple games related to words and in the end, it also lets you check the words in which you need improvement.


Ratatype — Online Typing Tutor

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Ratatype is a typing program which is fully online-based and helps you in learning how to type. No matter what your typing level is, it will provide you with different typing lessons and exercises.This site starts with helping you type words from correct fingers. The keyboard is color-coded which helps us in understanding which finger should press which key. You also get virtual certificates based on your typing performances. It also gives information about typing speed and errors. You can also see the tutorial on how to type, how to place fingers on the keyboard and how to sit etc. This online typing tutor also includes a social feature with the help of which you can interact with other learners as well as compete with them. This website can be considered as one of the best free online typing tutors.


official Typing test

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Learn2type.com is one of the best free  online typing tutors.The lessons begin with the basics of typing and then progresses to advanced level. The lessons are easy to understand and wonderfully explained. Like other websites, Learn2Type does not have any typing games instead it has games like Sudoku, Puzzle, Pac man, etc. It also offers real typing certifications.



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Official-typing-test.com gives great online typing lessons. This provides you with tips on how to place your fingers on the keyboard and how to sit correctly. You can always see the virtual keyboard while typing lessons. The main aim of this site is accuracy rather than the speed. You can also give timing tests to check your speed as well as accuracy. You can select the timing of tests from 1 minute, 3 minutes or 5 minutes according to your own comfort. After your test is completed you will get the information such as gross speed, typing speed with error, total characters count, accuracy, total uncorrected errors and total corrections made. You can analyze this information to further improve in different areas which you think needs improvement. 


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Typing Study

Typing Test

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Typingstudy.com is a very nice online typing tutor which will help you in learning and improve your typing ability. With the help of this, you can get nice step by step approach to typing. The typing lessons provided are easily explained and also include plenty of typing games. During the typing lessons, you can always see the virtual keyboard. After you have completed the test, you will be provided with a detailed report in which you can see your typing speed, accuracy and the time took buy you to complete the given test.

Typing Test Online

speed typing online

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Typingtestonline.org is a free website that will allow you to improve your typing ability. With the help of this site, you can see the duration of your typing test and the typing mistakes that you made throughout the test. You will be able to see your average and maximum typing speed during the test as well as your accuracy. It will also tell you about the exact words that you have misspelled and how much did it take you to find a specific character while typing your test. You can also change the content, type and time of speed either in Characters per minute (CPM) or Words per minute (WPM).



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livechatinc.com is a free typing tutor where you don’t even need to register. It has 3 methods of typing: Classic, Row, and Custom. Beside typing lessons, this tutor also has various typing games to entertain you and keeps a track of all the information about typing. You can also choose the duration of the typing tests from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

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