Best YouTube alternative for watching and Monetize your videos | In today’s world, people are more addictive to viewing movies and content online and getting that content they try to search the internet. Getting the best content is not easy for a person so YouTube is one website that provides pest content which is absolutely free of cost. But somewhere it lacks in providing the new content happening in the world so people tend to search for the new website so below is the list of some best YouTube alternative.

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This YouTube alternative is a French limited company which was established in the year 2005 who believe that video is the best way to capture life’s best moments. This website provides all the content user love to watch from all over the world. But as we all know that if a thing exists in the world it has both pros and cons.


  • Pros:-
    • This website has less harsh rules than YouTube on removing videos.
    • It has the same theme as so you will get used to it so easily.
    • It has same lists of video categories to make it easier for a user to navigate in the website.
  • Cons:- 
    • This website only allows pro users to upload high-definition videos.
    • It is not popular in the U.S.
    • Its video resolution is limited to 1080p.
  • Available in‎:- ‎35 Countries and 18 languages
  • Headquarters:- Paris
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2004 which is a video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view the video. This website basically focuses on short films and movies which are made by the filmmakers. With almost 80,000,000 creators worldwide this website only focuses on the video but nothing else as the distracting elements in the background are removed by the website. When it comes to uploading the content the creators can upload a limited amount of data on weekly basis and if they want to upload more they have to be the pro user of this website.

  • Pros:-
    • This website focus on the video the user wants to see and provides less distracting like ads.
    • It is a good platform for a user to showcase their talent and show their creative content to the world.
    • It focuses on encouraging filmmakers to show their magic by providing high-quality picturization.
    • Its homepage is very eye catchy for a user.
  • Cons:-
    • To this website, the user is limited up to 500MB per week for uploading videos.
    • The video limit can be upgraded to 5GB but the website charges a monthly fee for that.
  • Available in:- 7Languages
  • Headquarters:- New York
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2003 which is a website who allow the creators to upload a 90-second limit video. When it comes to viewing good shortened clips one should always go for this website. This website might not able to compete with its competitors in garnering the total number of views but is a good website for the short clips. This site advertised and supported by brands in the entertainment, consumer electronics, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, and automotive sectors.

  • Pros:-
    • This website provides a great platform for community-based content.
    • It has almost attracted 40 million viewers as there is no garbage content uploaded on this website.
  • Cons:-
    • The only drawback to this website is that user can upload only 90-second videos which means detailed videos will not be provided to viewers and the user who have to provide educational content will not use this site.
  • Available in:- Many languages
  • Headquarters:- San Francisco
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2011 which is a wholely solely dedicated to people who are interested in watching gaming content and nothing else. One can make a community, grow together in any category they are passionate about. For many people in the world, gaming is their world so these users should go for this website as they can view ‘live broadcasting’ videos.

  • Pros:-
    • This website is very attracting to gamers and content uploaders who are more into gaming videos.
    • This website has a massive amount of gaming content.
    • It is great for users who are used to watching live gaming videos.
  • Cons:-
    • Its theme is far less compared to YouTube.
    • The other drawback is that the viewer cannot rewind videos.
    • Its streaming performance is slower as compared to other websites.
  • Available in:- 29 Languages
  • Headquarters:- San Francisco
  • Website Link:Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2003 and has more options to give a good amount of content to the users. It does host a very great content which is generated by the user only, but it will still take time for it to provide a higher collection of content.

  • Pros:-
    • This website has a great feature that high-quality content can be uploaded very easily.
    • It has a diversified repository of videos which are easily available.
  • Cons:-
    • This website has limited content.
    • It does not encourage a high level of viewership on its website.
  • Available in:- English
  • Headquarters:- Denver
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2005  and with a good interface. It has two good feature which is loved by every single person as users can upload any video of any length and second is that this website has social features that help people to present their video to be shared among the friends and other people.

  • Pros:-
    • It has a clean user interface with a lot of social features present inside the website.
    • Viewers can interact in groups and individual form.
    • A good feature about the website is that videos of any length can be uploaded.
  • Cons:-
    • Its search capability is very less.
  • Available in:- Many Languages
  • Headquarters:- San Diego
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2004 and has to main goals as they want to help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them and the other goal is to enable new ways of organizing photos and video. But, it only allows a limited amount of content to be posted at a time and the free account user can upload a 90 seconds video only.

  • Pros:-
    • It has a very clean and simple UI.
    • The videos can be uploaded easily without any issue.
  • Cons:-
    • The videos are limited to 90 seconds.
  • Available in:- 10Languages
  • Headquarters:- San Francisco
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


This YouTube alternative was established in the year 2015 which works on the concept of peer-to-peer video streaming and the best part of this website that any person can go ahead and host the videos. One can upload any kind of video as this website has no rule and regulation of uploading video.

  • Pros:-
    • It has censoring norm and user can host their own video easily.
    • It works on peer to peer management.
    • It is absolutely free without no ads.
  • Cons:-
    • It is still not very good to be called a good website.
  • Available in:- 2Language
  • Website Link:- Visit Site


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