8+ Best Adobe muse Alternative | Adobe Muse is a user-friendly website building software on which a user can develop a good website without writing any code. This ability to design websites without writing code will allow users to design and visually build a visually stimulating site. The main feature of this software is that the software limits the number of potential bugs and loading times for a website by streamlining HTML integration. It works with both Windows and MacOS. The Adobe Muse CC Single App costs $14.99/month and the Business Plan costs $29.99/month.

Download Link For Adobe Muse:- visit

1-Adobe Dreamweaver

This software is a web development tool and is the best adobe muse alternative for adobe muse from Adobe Systems which provide user faster and easier ways to design, code and publishes websites and web applications. With the support of HTML, CSS, and Javascript the designers and developers can code any time and anywhere.

  • Features:-
    • Fast, flexible coding
    • Set Up a site in fewer steps
    • A dynamic display on every device
    • Multi-monitor support for Windows
    • Re-designed, modern UI
    • Code suggestion
    • Code correction
    • Git support
  • Pros:-
    • A large number of tools are there in the toolkit.
    • It comes with an assistant that helps a user with coding.
    • It supports all forms of website code.
  • Cons:-
    • It is very expensive and not every time all users can afford it.
    • It really takes time to learn.
    • It doesn’t always work with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Price:- $218.70/year
  • Supported OS:- Windows and MacOS
  • Download Link:- Click Here

2-Pinegrow Web Editor

This is a web editor that lets you build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, CSS Grid editor and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation and WordPress is a good alternative for adobe muse.

  • Features:-
    • Style a page
    • Make your page responsive
    • Build websites
    • Quickly mockup a page
    • Edit & test your page on whatever size a user needs
    • A perfect tool for working with Bootstrap
    • Style with CSS, SASS, and LESS
    • Speed up building HTML with visual power tools
  • Pros:-
    • Price is really low as compared to others.
    • HTML file pulling is really easy.
    • It’s all organized nicely.
  • Cons:-
    • The user should know how to code.
    • It is often updated
  • Price:- $33.54
  • Supported OS:- Windows, MacOS, and Unix
  • Download Link:- Click Here


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3-Google Web Designer

This software is a good alternative for adobe muse as this software is free of cost. A user can design interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device. This google based software work on one moto “One idea. Any screen.”. It has both the feature as a user can focus on design and code is done by the software.

  • Features:-
    • Design Interactive Ads
    • Work with other Google software
    • Contain many content creation tools
    • Animation creation and editing functions
    • Easy, intuitive workflow
    • Robust Animation tools
  • Pros:-
    • It is simple enough for beginners to learn.
    • Its automation tools help a user to design without any worries.
    • It offers a greater control over user site.
  • Cons:-
    • It can’t open HTML tools created outside the software
    • It’s specialization towards ad content only.
    • The higher level functions often require coding.
  • Price:- Free
  • Supported OS:- Windows, MacOS, and Unix
  • Download Link:- Click Here


KompoZer is a good alternative for adobe muse as if offers a simple interface for a user with basic coding knowledge so that they can make the website. But it also has many advanced features which are perfect for more experienced users.

  • Features:-
    • WYSIWYG drag and drop web dev editor
    • FTP file management for organizing and uploading sites
    • Automatic spellcheck and W3C checker
  • Pros:-
    • It is completely free to use by any user.
    • The editor is quick to learn and easy to use.
    • The changes that are made in the code can be seen in real time.
  • Cons:-
    • Its development is currently stopped by the company.
    • It offers far fewer options than more professional alternatives. As we know HTML5 is now the standard and this software only compatible for HTML.
  • Price:- Free
  • Supported OS:- Windows and MacOS
  • Download Link:- Click Here


Espresso helps a user to write code, design the website, build and publish it in an efficient manner. For Mac a user, this is a good alternative for adobe muse as the starter who is starting for the scratch will have espresso covered.

  • Features:-
    • Design and preview with the newest browsers. Xray and CSSEdit tools for all.
    • A powerful text editor to rock your code.
    • Build fantastic sites with Dynamo.
    • The friendly face of a server.
  • Pros:-
    • The step up and an interface is really easy to use.
    • This helps an android developer to develop an application very easily.
  • Cons:-
    • It only works with java and learning java is really difficult for a beginner.
    • The user should know to code before using it.
  • Price:- $99
  • Supported OS:- MacOS
  • Download Link:- Click Here


Coda is a piece of web development software that combines all your tools in a single interface and hence is a best adobe muse alternative. The interface provided by coda is both beautiful and exceptionally easy to use. It has a built-in way to open and manage your local and remote files.

  • Features:-
    • Straightforward Web Development
    • Integrated Tools
  • Pros:-
    • With a sleek interface, it is really easy to use.
    • It has core feature integration.
    • It also includes many reference library which is really helpful at the time of coding.
  • Cons:-
    • It is potentially overwhelming.
  • Price:- $99
  • Supported OS:- iOS and MacOS
  • Download Link:- Click Here


Webflow is a web designer that creates beautiful websites with little work. It writes code for you as you design your website, so you do not need to know anything about code or website design before jumping into the design with Webflow. Webflow takes a visual approach to website design that is the reason it is a best adobe muse alternative. Webflow’s design is simple and easy to use, ensuring that even first-time web developers just getting their feet wet will still be able to find success with the software.

  • Features:-
    • Allows users to create websites based on ideas  they have
    • A user can focus directly the looks of your site.
    • Writes code for a user in real time.
    • Offers countless options to add content to your website.
  • Pros:-
    • It requires little to no knowledge of web design to use.
    • Websites created with the software often look better than other web designing software.
    • Businesses and individuals alike can use it to create great, responsive websites.
  • Cons:-
    • The job that the software do could be done by employees at a software company, so larger companies do not need to use the software for their web design needs.
    • Webflow nullifies previous knowledge of code.
    • There are some things that you could do with code that are not readily available features with this software.
  • Price:- Freemium
  • Supported OS:- Windows and MacOS
  • Download Link:- Click Here


RapidWeaver is the best web design software for Mac as the user can build their own professional website without writing a single line of code with this Mac Website Builder so it is a best adobe muse alternative.

  • Features:-
    • Device Simulator
    • Web Icon Generator
    • Improved user interface
    • Privacy Concerned
    • Beautiful Responsive Themes
    • Easy Page Management
    • Powerful Media Manager
    • Built for macOS
    • SEO Optimised
    • Work Offline
  • Pros:-
    • It has four new responsive themes which are really great for a user.
    • It has a superb and souped-up publishing engine.
    • Its health Check feature helps improve SEO performance.
  • Cons:-
    • It still does not have WYSIWYG design tools.
    • The themes render is inconsistently work on Mac/iOS.
    • It has a more powerful feature but they have an extra cost.
  • Price:- $33.54
  • Supported OS:- MacOS
  • Download Link:- Click Here

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