POS is a software system for your basic business cash register and it is not only used by the physical retailers but also by the online stores for storing their customer sales and stores overall sales in the cloud-based storage. The company can input their goods details and other information to calculate the total cost and sales of the days or months. The POS software is known as “point-of-sale” thus is a complete retail management system to help retailers keep their data record so that they are able to use it to handle the other aspects of their business.

Features of POS



Offline functionality means that the system will work when your internet is down. So the point of sales provides retailers the offline capability with a system that if the internet is not available the company is able to make stable payment and the data is captured and then the system synchronizes itself when it is back online.

EMV(Europay, MasterCard, Visa) AND MOBILE PAYMENTS

In EMV or mobile payments, it is necessary for the retailer or company to have PIN and CHIP capabilities so that people can trust their services. If retailers and company don’t provide the services EMV services then they are risking the customer information at high risk. When comes to mobile payments it should be there with the company so as to provide their customer with an alternative to do payments if they are in shortage of cash.


Paper bills are provided by every retailer when you go buying things from the retailers and which are misplaced or are never looked by the customer so digital bills are provided by the POS system so that customer retain their bills and tend to keep the bills in their inbox messages if they need it again they can use it.


POS can capture the sales of an individual employee which will help the manager to see which employee is working good and which employee needs more training in which field. It also helps the manager to calculate the commision of employee and its manager can also get to know who is working good so as to get the best employee of the month etc.


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Point of Sale and Inventory Management System


POS provides a property to the company to distribute gift cards to the customer and get good sales. As when the customer tends to get the gift cards more and more they tend to shop more to get a good discount and the company tends to get the god profit as much as they can.


It helps the owner and manager to calculate the amount of tax the company needs to pay when the company has different stores in different cities. The owner doesn’t have to go to each store to know the sales and then pay the tax. The POS system tells the owner amount of sales in the year and according to it the amount of tax the company needs to pay.


The regular customers tend to get more and more discount and which employees need to get promoted so these all things are managed by the POS system as it ensures that both employees and customer get the discount coupons and the assessment is done by the POS.


The POS system ensures that the company gets the screen touch display it gets more and more user-friendly and accelerates the transactions done by the employee is easy. The menu and buttons are user-friendly the training time are reduced and the manager and employee tend to get more familiar with it very easily.


POS system provides the company a property in which it gives the customer a full display of the details of the customer and the thing they are buying from that company.


POS provider the latest interface which runs on the latest technology of computers and it also provide the LAN services which update and show the data on the real-time data sharing services. An all-in-one POS system should include USB, RS232, and LAN interfaces.


In providing services such as customer accounts, operator sign-in, or loyalty cards, you will want to have a magnetic stripe reader. This eliminates the need to manually enter data and makes such services more efficient.


POS provides a security to the people as well the company a security to secure their customer as well as their data from the other users and the company so that the important data like card numbers or CVV codes. Moreover, it does not allow for the installation of any kind of 3rd party software.


It provides a special space for the company to store it customer details and track the sales and make a pattern to increase its sales and run campaigns. With SuitePOS, built for NetSuite, retailers are able to manage their customer data from the storefront to back-end for the most accurate store analytics.


When the POS system works together with an ERP, retailers can better manage their inventory, supply chain, and product pricing to make sure everything is matching up as it should be from the warehouse to the storefront so that product which is in more sold can be produced more and the product which is getting obsolete is not produced.


It should have the smooth integration with the business system and other application so as to manage the accounting and e-commerce solution and other task and process es within the company system.


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