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Hey, today we would like to share with you some shocking news! Unquestionably, there are so many articles that start with this one, so people always treat them with suspicion. Actually, it is a quite understandable situation. Still, there are a lot of wonderful things that can change your life for better just in a few minutes! So, today we are going to tell you about one of them. As the name of the article says, here you will see a new list of best 20 high-res OpenCart templates. All in all, 2018 is almost here. For these simple reasons now is a perfect time to sum everything up. Without a doubt, autumn is a nice time to take a look at everything you have done during the year… Moreover, this season also allows one to implement their plans, in case there are some deals left. Therefore, continue reading!

Why choosing OpenCart templates could be beneficial for you?

To make a long story short, today OpenCart provides the incredible discounts on all their templates. In a word, now the price is only $49! To say more, it is relevant to all the templates, powered by the platform. As a result, today you are able to get any of their ready-made products and it will cost you less than $50! Don’t you think that there is a magical opportunity to finally build your long-awaited online project? Furthermore, although the templates’ price is unbelievably low, OpenCart still surprises their users with the high quality and unforgettable functionality. By tradition, there is a friendly technical support to serve you. These guys are available 24/7, so you may contact the team anytime you need.

Another cool thing about OpenCart templates is that the company offers one to try a truly wide range of their pre-packed products. Basically, there are more than 700 professional, feature-rich and fully editable OpenCart themes to choose from. For example, there are such categories as design and photography templates, business and services themes, sports and travel OpenCart templates and much more! Just visit the gallery to see that there is an impressing choice of the products for every business type.

What are the features you may find in the packs of the OpenCart templates?

The next plus of these immersive OpenCart templates is that they do provide you only with the functions that you really need. Unquestionably, there are many stylish basic features that are a must-have for any modern online project. Such as:

  • unusual MegaMenu
  • eye-pleasing and readable fonts
  • blog and gallery
  • theme Color Switcher

What is more, these magnificent OpenCart templates also propose one to use the options that are suitable for your business. For example:


  • Rating and Product Badges
  • Wishlist and Compare plugin
  • Product quick view


As you can see, there are so many awesome functions you may use to construct your own ideal website. Thus, we propose you to view out the selection of best 20 OpenCart themes below. By the way, don’t forget to open their demo and see all the features you can get!

YellowBag – Bright and Eye-pleasing OpenCart Template

At the outset, YellosBag is a high-res and fully editable template, which allows you to construct an eye-catching and high-quality online project effortlessly. As you can see, the theme is based on OpenCart platform, so you can be sure that YellowBag was professionally designed and featured with everything you need. For example, this eye-pleasing template offers one to use such charming visual effects as Parallax technology.

Details |  Demo

Home Decor – Clean and Simple OpenCart Template

First of all, this clean and light OpenCart theme allows its owner to use Ajax search / Ajax cart feature, which definitely makes your website more comfortable to use. What is more, Home Décor is not only responsive but a multilingual product as well, so with its help you can easily enlarge your auditory. As a result, people will be able to enter your online project wherever they are while you will showcase your services all over the globe.

Details |  Demo

Master – Professional and Well-organized Building Materials OpenCart Template

To start with, just take a closer look at the screenshot below to see how professional, comfortable, and well-organized the theme’s design is! Furthermore, newsletter subscription makes people see a minimalistic window, which offers them to subscribe to the site, as soon as they open your page. Undoubtedly, this option is pretty useful because now everyone can easily receive the updates on new arrivals, special offers, and any other interesting discount information.

Details |  Demo

Lightedix – Crisp Lighting & Electricity OpenCart Template

Actually, the package of Lightedix has all the most impressing and helpful feature you may need for your future website. For example, this stylish OpenCart template provides you with an adorable gallery showing your products in the most successful way. Moreover, there are also a lot of other valuable tabs like brands, girt cards, terms and conditions, and site map.

Details |  Demo

SmokingBox – Futuristic and Fully Editable Tobacco OpenCart Template

To begin with, SmokingBox is a futuristic and high-quality OpenCart template, which allows you to construct a website, related to the smoking products, just in a few clicks. For these simple reasons, this invigorating template includes many needed features and tabs (such as delivery information, returns, specials, order history or wish list) that allow one to create a customer-friendly navigation for their website. Without a doubt, all these things will let people know more information about the products you sell with no effort.

Details |  Demo

Cosme – Elegant and Powerful Cosmetics Store OpenCart Template

Would you like to become a glad owner of an impressing, cute, and totally powerful online project, related to cosmetics? In case your answer is ‘yes’, Cosme is exactly what the doctor ordered, as this elegant OpenCart template features all the options, tools or design elements you may want to use for the creation of an ideal beauty shop. By the way, this strikingly-colored and cute template work awesome with all the websites that have OpenCart 3.0 version updates.

Details |  Demo

Native Apparel – Bubbly OpenCart Template

As you can see from its demo, Native Apparel is a pixel-perfect OpenCart template that let you set up a modern web store, even in case you have no idea what CMS is. Designed by the professionals, this bubbly theme includes the eye-catching call-to-action buttons that will surely make people take a closer look at the cloth/shoes/accessories you sell. What is more, Native Apparel also features some counters and eye-pleasant banners to further the development of your beautiful shop.

Details |  Demo

Drone Store – Feature-rich Electronics Store OpenCart Template

The first thing you should know about this feature-rich electronics store OpenCart theme is that it is multilingual. Furthermore, Drone Store features comfortable Theme Color Switcher, which allows you to change the design of the template due to your own preferences. In addition, Drone Store has Product Quick View option that is an undisputable option for any successful webshop.

Details |  Demo

Boy & Girl – Unforgettable Fashion Store OpenCart Template

Still searching the web space for an unforgettable fashion store theme that will put the focus on your products? To make things easier, we suggest you check out the full list of this minimalistic OpenCart template’s features, as this 100% responsive, fully editable and SEO-friendly product has so many options to use! For example, Social Sharing allows you to show the guests of your web store all the latest news and updates.

Details |  Demo

WholeSale – Groundbreaking Store OpenCart Template

Produced for the wholesale online projects, this groundbreaking OpenCart theme will surely highlight your items with Rating and Product Badges. What is more, WholeSale offers you to use Wishlist & Compare plugin, which lets people compare the products they like their features? Moreover, there are Sorting Options, Ajax Search, Multi-currency and many other things that make shopping easy, pleasant and fast!

Details |  Demo

HairCare – Multilingual and Gorgeous Hair Salon OpenCart Template

Basically, HairCare is the most stylish hair salon template among all the products that are powered by OpenCart platform. To illustrate, it features MegaMenu, which has a unique minimalistic design: there are 2 basic colors (black and white) that make a magnificent contrast with soft pink tones. Furthermore, the template is cross-browser compatible and offers you to use multiple sorting options that make working with HairCare a real pleasure.

Details |  Demo


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Martial Arts – Magnificent Sports Store OpenCart Template


In a word, the product below is a highly adaptive OpenCart template, which will quickly match all your personal preferences. For example, you may manage and customize Martial Arts using Intuitive Admin Panel, which is already included in its pack. What is more, there is also Smart Slides that will unquestionably help one to showcase their products in the most stylish way, when there is no coding knowledge required.

Details |  Demo

Booksteri – Top-notch Book Store OpenCart Template

Firstly, Booksteri is a top-notch bookstore theme, which provides you with such well-liked features as Multilanguage and Sorting options. Secondly, it offers you to use its gorgeous and eye-pleasant blog to share all the updates with the website’s guests. Thirdly, this OpenCart template is fully responsive, which means that you may work with it effortlessly, even if it will be your first online project.

Details |  Demo

Black Dragon – Immersive and Responsive Grocery Store OpenCart Template


To begin with, we would like to inform you that Black Dragon has quick and friendly 24/7 technical support to assist you anytime you may need. Needless to say, the package of this immersive grocery store OpenCart template has so many functions to help you with the creation of a perfect website. To illustrate, new Color Switcher allows one to stay creative and experiment with the color scheme of this responsive template.

Details |  Demo

Stereo Truck – Colorful Сar Audio OpenCart Template

At the outset, we propose you to try a recent Website Slider that is in the pack of this colorful car audio template. To make a long story short, this feature allows one to place their custom sliders with new products, discounts, promos and any other information you would like to be seen. Given these points, be the first to run the demo version of Stereo Truck because there are still so many inimitable features for you!

Details |  Demo

Love Coffee – The Cutest Coffee House OpenCart Template with Neat Design

Shortly, Love Coffee is a cure but truly strong coffee house template, which will surely save the time of your potential clients. That is why this neat OpenCart theme features the marvelous sorting options that allow people to find the needed items really fast. Another cool thing is that Coffee Shop also provides the filters that allow sorting the products in your online store by brands effortlessly.

Details |  Demo

Agrilloc – Perspective and Well-packed Natural Products Store OpenCart Template

In a word, this well-packed template provides its owner with the comfortable drop-down menu and customer-friendly navigation that your clients will definitely like. What is more, Agrilloc is pre-packed with many features (such as countdown timer, star rating, products badges, etc.) that let you create a successful presentation for your products. As you can see, Agrilloc is a perspective OpenCart product, which helps you to manage a winning online project showcasing your natural products store just in a few minutes.

Details |  Demo

Wood Finishes Brilliant OpenCart Template

First of all, there is a multi-currency and multilingual support that makes this OpenCart theme even more customer-friendly. As you can see from ‘Details’, there are also such undisputable options as Ajax search, dropdown cart, and theme color switcher to make your web store the way you want it to be. Therefore, don’t miss this brilliant opportunity to build a successful online project without losing much time or money right now!

Details |  Demo

Fooder – Tasty Pizza Restaurant with Online Ordering System OpenCart Template

As it has already been said, this magical OpenCart theme provides its owner with the marvelous online ordering system, so people will always be able to eat your tasty pizza whenever they want. In addition, Fooder has an incredible and tasty design which makes everyone want your products even if he/she is on a diet. To finish with, don’t forget that there is also free 24/7 customer support, which will help you to resolve any issues you may experience.

Details |  Demo

StoreFlex – Food Responsive OpenCart Template

To finish with, we propose you to view out StoreFlex, as this amazing template is jam-packed with highly functional modules. Without a doubt, everything is included in the theme’s price, so you can even drill your working skills with fun. What is more, the layout of StoreFlex can easily be tweaked by the people of all skill levels, so don’t miss your chance to realize yourself!

Details |  Demo


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