Best 7+ Free Skype Alternative for Android | Free video calling has become very popular nowadays. You can communicate with your family and friends easily through video calling which is free and only requires a good Wi-Fi network. Skype is one of the first names that come to our mind when we talk about messaging and video chats. Skype lets you conduct video chats as well as send messages free of charge but it is not the only option out there. Skype started creating a problem such as low- quality calls, excessive crashes due to which people started disliking it and hence came the time of Skype alternatives. Skype alternatives have now become the leader of all when it comes to video calling. People who were fed up with Skype started downloading these alternative apps as like Skype they were also free of cost and had features similar to Skype. These Skype alternatives have great features and are available for both Windows as well as for Android. So, here is a list of best free Skype alternatives for the Android :


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ooVoo is one of the good Skype alternative apps. It provides you video and audio calls of a very high quality and if you want then you can even create groups in this app. This app is mainly used for the purpose of group conferences. You can make a group of up to 12 people and can chat with them either in audio or video format.Apart from this, you can even do text messaging which is also free of cost. One of the amazing features of this app is that you can record your video calls and can send a video or photo message to people through text messaging. Another interesting feature is that you can call someone even if they are not using ooVoo, they can answer their calls on Facebook. During the video calls, you can use stickers, GIFs, and emoji. ooVoo offers high-quality audio and video during calls.

Google Hangout

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The most popular app for free video calling after Skype is Hangouts. You will find similar features in Hangouts as a Skype-like audio calling, video calling and text messaging. You can chat with people by either entering his/her email address or by mobile number. Other than this you can create a group of maximum 10 people and can chat with them at the same time, your Google account is automatically accessed By Hangout and your contacts are then added and organized. This app also lets you place a call to mobile or landline phones that are not using this service. It has only one problem that its desktop version is not as fantastic as the Android one but overall it is a good alternative to Skype.


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 Viber is the best free Skype alternative that offers free video calls and free text messaging for both desktop and mobile. Viber has all the standard features inside which includes audio calling, video calling, group chats, and stickers.It also has a handoff feature that allows you to move calls to your mobile and provides high voice quality without any interruption. With the feature of public chats, you can connect with popular websites and people. This is an ad-free app and also has inbuilt games which you can play online with your friends too.


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A line is available not only on Windows desktop but on all major mobile devices. As above mentioned Skype alternatives, Line also offers free video calls, voice calls, and text messaging for groups. If you want to have more fun in your chats then you can pick from thousands of cool animated stickers and can send them to your friends to make your chat more jazzed up. Not all of these stickers are free in the Line store and some may cost money though. If someone is not available for the chat then you can leave a voice message for later and can even send your location to the concerned person. If you watch an ad then you can also make an international call for free. A line has a good set of features and is worth trying.


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AnTox is another Skype alternative which can be used instead of Skype which is an open-source tool available online which anyone can download as it is free of cost. Just like any other Skype alternative you can enjoy free text messaging, audio calling and video calling. AnTox can be considered as the safest app when it comes to security and privacy because unlike other apps it does not spy on you, censor you or track your activities. It is a completely free app that does not feature any ads. Another unique feature of Tox is that it is available in two versions, one is qTox (the full-featured app) and another is the uTox(meant for lighter systems). You can install any of these and start chatting. If you value your privacy and freedom then AnTox is the best app for you as it does not use any other server and has the server of its own where you can chat more securely and safely. You can also exchange your files with no limits.


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ICQ is the oldest Skype alternatives as it has been around since 1998 but it keeps up with the latest technology and modern era. It’s a simple messenger app where you can chat individually or in groups. Like every other Skype alternative, you can make a video or audio call. Apart from this, it has an amazing feature where you can convert a voice message into a text message. When you chat with people who are not on ICQ then the service converts your messages into free text messages. It also offers the option of transferring large files up to 4 GB to your friends.


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Talky is another very cool Skype alternatives which have amazing features. Talky mainly provides web-based free service which does not require any dedicated software. Talky is not only great for friends and family but for collaborative working too as you can have a group video chat with up to 15 participants, .it also has a unique feature of activating screen sharing by which everyone present during the conversation can see what is happening on one person’s screen.

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