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10+ best free joomla templates

10+ best free Joomla templates | Joomla templates are basically ready-made designs for websites running on Joomla CMS. A Joomla template package contains files, codes, graphics, and modules that determine the look and the functionality of the website after you’ve installed the theme and populated it with your content.

But with the endless variety of Joomla templates, choosing the best is not so easy. This is where we come in. We have prepared a reliable list for those who wish to go ahead with a Joomla template without getting deceived by looks or superficial features. Picking the right item out of our collection of Joomla templates won’t be hard. You won’t have a problem finding the right design for any sort of desires pertaining your business.

Moving forward, we would suggest you analyze the list at your ease and take it through your personal screening process. This is a list of the best, you have to choose the best amongst the best. We hope that your forage for the best Joomla theme will come to an end after this.


best free joomla templates #1- MetroPro

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Looking for a theme which could match up with the modern style and trends? MetroPro Joomla template will serve your purpose here. The Bootstrap Framework makes it fully responsive to all screen resolutions and aspect ratios. MetroPro just lives up to the tag of being feature packed with features like additional HTML elements, set of CSS components, grid system, and much more.

An important step for any company is a website since it gives an additional flow of customers ensuring your prosperity. The template you’re looking at right now is designed with minimal approach thus reducing the number of possible distractions for your clients. Also, the homepage is designed in a way to make everything clear to your clients, what services you are giving and how you can help them.

So basically this theme is more like a technical democracy as it satisfies the necessary conditions. A theme of the people, by the people and for the people.

best free joomla templates #2-Milano

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Milano, as the name suggests is a theme which would help your restaurant go techy. With the sudden advancements in the field of technology, the ease of gaining knowledge has increased. Do you want to know about the new restaurant down the block? Toggle your search engine and look for the website. Now your chances of visiting that restaurant depend on the impression their website made on you and the schemes they provided.

Milano is here to help you please the eye before you can please the tummy and that what pleases the eye might not please the tummy but will eventually make you go for it.

It has great features like predefined template styles, custom colors, and fonts. Milano allows you to easily adapt this Joomla template to any type of site and totally revolutionize the appearance in no time. Its completely responsive design allows your visitors to view your site on any device with no problems and prime efficiency.

best free joomla templates #3-Green Solutions

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Green Solutions is a White-Collar, Clean and Creative template for Joomla! 3.x .Corporate, business, personal blog name it and Green Solutions gives you exactly what you need. The template will help you build your site in no time to your liking with minimal effort.

This Joomla template is based on the Bootstrap framework making it suitable to view on any device, matching any resolution. Not to forget the 3 column layout making your website layout attractive to the user’s eye.

Green Solutions have 20 module positions, all of which are fully collapsible. Green solution is a compact package to satisfy your desires. Taking simplicity as the base of its theme, green solutions makes it sure to add a pinch of elegance.

best free joomla templates #4-concart

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Architecture is the art of building and designing. It requires a highly aesthetic way of presenting its creations. Concart is a ready-made white-collar Joomla template intended for any architecture-related business to compete in the highly competent social marketplace.

Concart is a user-friendly best free Joomla templates and you get a site focused on your business and presenting all services of the company in an engaging way. Advanced template options and alternative module layouts will help you modify this template to meet the needs of a particular business, it can be financed, interior and exterior design, electronics, sport, etc.

You don’t need to be a professional coder to work with the premium version. The quick-start installation package will help you set up a site on its basis with ease. You can customize your website the way you desire.

best free joomla templates #5- business

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Business is the idea that will help you to start the desired web presence in no time and make it successful.  The Bootstrap Framework makes it fully responsive to all screen resolutions. Making it look good on almost every screen. Moreover, it carries a lot of useful features such as additional HTML5 elements, set of CSS components, grid system and much more.

Working on your business Joomla website, think of it as the first impression prospective clients will have about you.  A good first impression will result in a good turnover. Depending on how easy to navigate it is, how clearly you organize the layout, and how well you convey your company’s products and services, it may or may not engage people in.

We have decided to butter up things for you and provide an efficient brief on how useful the design is to make the audience get interested in your business at the very first sight. Statistical data showing your company growth will be an effective way of building trust. Be sure that dressing up your site with this theme would make anyone interested in your business. Reaching you won’t be a problem, thanks to the handy contact data and integrated Google Maps.


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best free joomla templates #6- Business

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Talking about the upcoming youth of our generation, startup are not just about a profitable business idea. Endorsing your business and portraying it in a way which attracts customers is what actually matters.   Business Joomla Template does exactly that. Possessing an equally alluring layout it is perfectly suited for business sites. Being a responsive and customizable Joomla theme it is an all-purpose solution for different types of businesses.

It bears a responsive nature and a valid as well as semantic coding. Following this, users will be able to view your site on handheld devices in a matter of seconds. A number of additional pages come in handy as a great tool to present your business history, portfolio, careers, team, clients’ reviews, and more! Multiple color options allow you to play with a color palette of your website, meanwhile, a wide range of versatile UI elements will help to spice up your business presentation with various types of content.

Enjoy seamless web development with this accommodation Joomla template!

best free joomla templates #7-Political Candidate

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Looking to attract supporters in your run for a political candidate? Political candidate will help you achieve that with a touch of digitization. Political Candidate is a good-looking theme with a great documentation, maximum browser compatibility, and an intuitive installation. Being fully responsive, it ensures that your users will be able to access your website on almost any device. It boasts an eye-catching design underpinned by Parallax animation and a background video.

Meanwhile, a number of additional pages and a rich UI kit allow you to add all the details about your candidate and to enrich them with multiple types of content. Your clients can easily stay informed of all updates and events thanks to a newsletter subscription, they also can reach you in any question using a neat contact form. Promote your political candidate as a pro with this statesman theme.

best free joomla templates #8- Photographer

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Being a versatile and talented photographer is not all you need to be famous. The way you put it out there has the last laugh. This well-documented theme will be a perfect match for you! A super trendy and fully responsive design will make a WOW effect resulting in an increase in the inbound traffic as well as the likeliness of your work.

A wide range of additional pages together with a rich UI kit will assist you to provide your audience with all the details about your Art&Photography business portfolio underpinned by all types of content. Multiple color schemes allow you to show your talent for designing the layout of your website. Convert your potential clients into the permanent clients with this Photo Joomla template.

best free joomla templates #9-.Hayford

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Need a white collar theme to add some spice to your financial website? Let us introduce you to this fully editable theme and it is a search engine friendly template as well. With clear documentation and great functionality, it dominates all the other professional themes. It has a clean minimalist design which will keep your users intrigued on knowing the full range of your services and financial planning business details.

.Hayford works with T3 Framework, because of which you get Real Time Theme Customization and you get a Flexible layout system as well. T3 is a powerful mobile front-end framework. It ensures a faster website for you. It is developed with the best design practices in mind and the theme includes a host of UI elements to personalize and spice up your web resource.

All of the features mentioned above ensure a well-suited website to solve your purpose and it has the capacity to keep the professionalism intact.

best free joomla templates #10-Shield

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Are you a web protector, a savior? Then are you planning to endorse it in a way which would make people aware of what you have? The Shield is here as a savior of saviors, looking for nothing but a mutual profit and understanding.

Shield is a security app Joomla template designed with attention to details. A smart use of white space and background imagery. It places your content front and center making it possible for your readers. So that they learn about your company or product without leaving the front page.

Shield is built with mobile-friendly design principles in mind and looks beautiful across all modern devices and screen sizes. It is also cross-browser compatible and stays consistent no matter what browser your customers use. Shield includes some helpful functionality such as integrated Google Maps, lazy load effects, contact form, Google fonts, and more.

Thanks to a collection of pre-designed user interface elements you can enrich your site with various types of content, such as pricing tables, progress bars, accordions, tabs, etc. Shield works fast and includes a clean and valid semantic code that would be easy to tweak for other developers. The package offers you documentation and support.

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