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10+ best free WordPress themes

10+ best free WordPress themes | WordPress Themes are basically ready-made designs for websites running on Joomla CMS. A WordPress themes package contains files, codes, graphics, and modules that determine the look and the functionality of the website after you’ve installed the theme and populated it with your content.

Best Free WordPress themes #1 – LT art studio

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An artistic free and premium WordPress themes suitable for promoting any product, paintings, artwork, photography etc. Any image related to the WordPress site can be inserted at the beginning. It consists of dark colors with the logo and name of the site at the top. The menu button is at the top right having the three vertical bars as the icon. It has the search bar, shows the recent posts, categories section. Multiple images can be uploaded one after the other. It contains “From the blog” section to insert related blogs and articles.

At the end, it has the information about the site, contact and address details. ‎A unique feature of the theme is that is also has a count of the customers visited, feedbacks were given, staff members, successful projects. ‎Easy to make and fix changes, has the bootstrap CSS and hybrid framework. Supported by all the electronic devices like tablets, PC’s, mobiles.

Best Free wordpress themes #2 – VERTEX


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Vertex is one of the best free WordPress themes used for creating portfolios, travel blogging site, photography etc. At the top is the logo ‘v’ as in vertex. Also has the widgets of some popular social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. There is a section for displaying images as a slideshow. SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible. The simple site having the combination of shades white and black colors. At the bottom is the contact section, sign up, and recent posts.The best thing about the theme is that images are used at a majority which enhances the appearance of the site making it attractive and appealing.

Best Free wordpress themes #3 -LT SHOP

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‎A free and premium WordPress Themes perfect for online shopping websites. Slider situated at the top is best for showing variety of clothes available on the site. Vertical display of images. Interconnected features required for online payment, delivery. 100% responsive layout and supported by all type of devices. Easy drag-drop feature with bootstrap CSS and hybrid framework to support all the features.

Multiple layers to edit content. It fulfills the needs of both customer who uses it and the developer who edits the content. Eighth widgets are there at the bottom to share the page’s content on other sites. Also, we can give the information about the cards that can be accepted. Facility for creating the new account is also provided.

Best Free wordpress themes #4 – LT FOOD COURT

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‎As the name says it, this theme is for food products, any restaurants wanting to start the online business. The color scheme of the theme is pretty great and consist of the variety in combination to attract customers. The slider at the top shows different menus whose no. can be increased as per the requirement. User-friendly supported by all devices, easy drop and drag features, multiple layers, easy to edit. Various sections for each topic like food delivery, recipes, information about the chef, location information, new products along with price etc.

Payment features are also introduced. At the bottom contact details, latest news and widgets of other sites are present. ‎Portfolio page provides information about the culinary arts in creating new recipes. In the blog page, budding chefs can share their recipe with everyone.


Best Free wordpress themes #5 – LT ENTERPRISE

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Best for startup companies, entrepreneurs starting their new business, perfect professional designs. All the information about the products, new projects and programs can be explained in separate sections. Inside the team page names of the associated members can be mentioned along with their designation and contribution and how the whole team worked to put up a project. This spread awareness among the customers about the companies achievement.

This WordPress Theme also provides the portfolio and blog page option.Supported by bootstrap CSS and hybrid framework and user-friendly features, flexible for all screen sizes. The motto of a company or its logo can be displayed as the background when the home page of the site is opened. A horizontal menu bar to access all the shortcuts. A simple view of the site makes it more user-friendly. The theme has a combination of solid colors for the background and various sections.


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Best Free wordpress themes #6 – LT STABLE

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As soon we see this WordPress theme the one thing that comes to our mind is Elegance. Simple layout, solid background and features simple as ABC. ‎Layers available with multiple choices to edit the pages. Supported by all devices and has strong drag-drop features. In the ‎About the page section, you will find a description of the site which can be given using simple editing features. In the services part, a company can mention about the services provided by the company so that customers are aware of them. The option of portfolio and blog page are provided.

At the bottom contact us information can be given and here the customers can give their feedback about the changes to be brought in the features given. At the top image slider is present where images of the main projects of the company can be showed and by clicking it that particular project information can be opened. The simple horizontal menu is given at the top. Also, the new ideas on which the company would be working is also mentioned on the page.

Best Free wordpress themes #7 – LT HOTEL

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A luxurious website perfectly suitable for hotels. Targeting those who want to expand their business through online.  With elegant features to promote the brand for your hotel. At the top picturesque view of the hotel can be uploaded. All Features required for hotel promotion are provided and are easy to manage. Services page, promotional prices, special events etc can be mentioned.

A vibrant collection of colors can be chosen for the site backgrounds and icons. Three main pages i.e welcome page, rooms and services pages and special events page are provided where the hotel can describe all the facilities provided by them. In the blog section, customers can share their experience and the staff members can elaborate the amenities provided. Attractive thumbnails of the room, swimming pool area, restaurants etc can be displayed on the portfolio page. In the contact section, you as a customer can give the location details of various branches of your hotel and email id where the customer can inquire about the rooms availability.

Best Free wordpress themes #8 – LT SCHOOL

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Education plays a major role in our life so the WordPress theme for such educational sites should have some attractive and informational features which can be achieved by this theme. Solid background colors and basic features and it can be used by any school, college, University or private educational institutions. Also, nowadays online courses are provided so this theme can be used. At the top photograph of the institution is displayed and below it is the details of the courses provide, the institution’s achievement etc.

Supported by bootstrap CSS and hybrid framework and multiple layouts. About page gives the summary of the WordPress site. Study abroad page tells the various tie-up programs of the institution from abroad. In portfolio section, course information is given and categories are mentioned. ‎Blog us page shares the experience of the students, programs introduced, and it can be shared on other social networking sites. At the bottom is the contact us section and feedback can be easily sent.

Best Free wordpress themes #9 – LT TECH SHOP

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A techie website for the promotion and sale if the new gadgets. A free and premium WordPress theme for online hi-tech gadget’s shops. Gray and white colored background with manageable features. Image slider is present at the top. Compatible payment and delivery feature so that the customer doesn’t face any problem. Supported by all screens and has multiple layers. Shop page tells the available gadgets along with their description and costing. About us, the page tells the story of the company and their motto.

Services page contains the gallery, delivery details are shown and how payment should be done by the customer. Customers can also register themselves and get notifications about the new gadgets coming up for sale. To make customers aware of the new tech gadgets blog page is provided and it can be shared with other social networking sites. Contact page provides address, email id contact number of the company

Best Free wordpress themes #10 – LT TEA

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As mentioned in the name this WordPress theme is widely used by the tea companies who want to enhance their online business. With the image of tea gardens in the background makes it attractive. Suitable for all the screen and is 100% responsive. Multiple layers with simple features no need for proper coding skills. Basic background colors and easily editable layouts. In their, About us, section company can tell about their history, how the company works and introducing the team members.

In ‘ favorite tea flavors ‘ section the various tea sold by them are mentioned and how they taste proper explanation is given about the product. Gallery in services page shows the products, shipping page gives the detail about how the shipping process is done and payment methods are also mentioned. Contact details are provided at the bottom and if customers have any feedback regarding the product or the features they can easily mention it.

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