Best Google Adsense Alternative to help you make money online | Alternative of Adsense has been the preferred choices for bloggers willing to make money from their blogs for many years. AdSense is a program allowing bloggers and website owners to make money by displaying Google ads. We probably must have seen the ads all over the place, including in Google search results. Basically, Google is the one getting the largest percentage and you get a small percentage of it. Allowing publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, that are targeted to site content and audience generating revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. However, there are further many Best Google Adsense Alternative.

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Piture of Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an ad network that receiving great reviews from around the globe. It is an alternative to AdSense. is currently working as an invitation based ad network, through which anyone can request an invite. is an ad network reducing more than 100 million US desktop users. It is a leading ad tech company comprising of 800+ employees exclusively giving focus on developing innovative way to generate review from products for digital publishers.

  • Features:-

    • Contextual advertisement
    • High revenue and quality
    • Mobile ads
    • Account manager
    • Neat and clean reporting dashboard
    • One account for unlimited websites
  • Pros:-

    • Higher RPM on Average
    • Excellent Customer Support
    • Highly Converting Ad Design Options
    • Powerful Dashboard
    • Allows Ads on Sticky Sidebars
  • Cons:-

    • Some Ads Require Double Click from Visitor
    • Revenue Isn’t Updated in Real-time.
    • Require most of Your Traffic from the USA, Canada, or the UK
  • Pricing details:-

    • $100 earnings threshold
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Adsterra is an advertising network serving geo-targeted ad impressions per month that is a unique and high paying Adsense alternatives that can fetch much more money based on the website impressions or visits. It provides a user-friendly platform and gives publishers a 100% fill rate along with industry’s highest CPM(cost per mile) so is the best Google Adsense Alternative. Through smart targeting and technology, ads that relate best to their audience based on their geographic location are shown.

Picture of Adsterra


  • Features:-

    • It has better CPM and Faster Income.
    • You have a choice of multiple ad formats.
    • Adsterra is best for advertisers.
    • It has a User-Friendly Control Panel.
    • It allows to optimize and analyze.
  • Pros:-

    • Customized ads for both mobile and PC is produced.
    • They offer support in other languages.
    • Adsterra is the best option to monetize your site when there is a huge network traffic.
    • Provides best benefits for publishers as well as for advertisers.
    • They attract high paying advertisers.
  • Cons:-

    • Not ideal for low volume publishers.
    • Have high payout level.
    • They have lower rates in other countries.
    • Work with blogs having a custom domain.
  • Pricing details:-

    • Two payment runs per month. Payment dates vary but are 1-2 and 16-17 of each month.
    • The minimum payout amount is $100 ($1000 for Wire Transfers).
    • Adsterra offers a wide range of payment options.
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3.OIO Publisher

OIO is an ad manager enabling maximize in revenue, time-saving, and keeping complete control of your ad space. OIO Publisher automatically generates a sales page with all the details provided by you allowing the advertiser to select the ad spot they want to buy, and fill out their information. It will run the ad for the period that you were paid for. It is a  is a Plugin that manages various advertising options available on a WordPress blog.



  • Features:-

    • It has Complete control over all advertising options on your blog.
    • Save time while earning money selling ads through this plugin.
    • 100% revenue is secured.
    • You can sell banner ads, text ads, paid revenues through this plugin.
    • Supports all payment systems like Paypal, Credit Card etc.
  • Pros:-

    • Can handle all adoptions you need
    • Very flexible and feature-rich
    • Online Payments accepted
    • Emails to advertisers handled
  • Cons:-

    • Not super-intuitive to use.
    • Complex to use.
  • Pricing details:-

    • cost of OIO Publisher plugin is just $47.
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VigLink is one of the best ways to earn revenue from your blog which is the best way for the people who love to write article hence people prefer it as a good Google Adsense Alternative. VigLink has a different and unique way compared to other blogs to monetize. Normal outgoing links are converted into affiliate links, and if users make a purchase, you earn a referral commission from it.  The best part is that you don’t need to be signed up for an individual affiliate account as viglink tracking takes care of all the connections on all networks.


  • Features:-

    • Link Conversion, Optimization and Inventory Automation
    • Commercial Links Sharing
    • Performance Tracking
  • Pros:-

    • It’s SEO friendly.
    • More money than in-text ads.
    • Payment on time via PayPal.
    • A smart way to make money from the website.
    • Linking is in control.
  • Cons:-

    •  If not optimized correctly, it creates Almost Every Mentioned Product into links.
    • Sometimes Redirects To broken links.
  • Pricing details:-

    • The payment threshold is $10.00.
    • They pay publishers on a net-60 day basis.
    • Payment is by PayPal, with no additional fees.
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Skimlinks is a service where, after installation, a little piece of code on your blog and publishing a post, will automatically turn certain words, links, and phrases into affiliate links without any input given by you. It is a hassle-free way to make revenue from your blog, however, inserting their own links into their blog posts is preferred by some people, so they know exactly where they’re directing their readers to. It keeps 25% of the commission that you earn for providing this service and hence claimed to be the Best Google Adsense Alternative.


  • Features:-

    • Provides 24/7 global support and account management teams.
    • have 99.99% service uptime.
    • JavaScript runs independently from the page load and does not interfere with other software running on your site.
  • Pros:-

    • Normally up to 10% of the sale of a product can be earned.
    • Easy To Install.
    • All of Your Affiliate Links Are Untouched In the Websites Coding.
    • Has high-Quality Analytics Tools.
  • Cons:-

    • Not Easy To Get Accepted(complex to use).
    • The pay period is only once a month.
  • Pricing details:-

    • They pay publishers on a monthly basis, but the individual commission may take up to 90 days to clear.
    • The payment threshold is $10 / €8 / £7.
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6.Meridian at

Meridian was mainly built to help publishers grow their influence allowing them to focus on their best part by creating awesome content. Meridian offers a fresh, user-friendly interface that has real-time data visualizations with improved ad management tools and performance metrics and is Best Google Adsense Alternative. To measure, learn, and improve, it serves as a crucial reference point for publishers. Publishers can use Meridian to manage and optimize ad tags and track revenue performance and for the comparison around the web.


  • Features:-

    • Allows you to set a minimum price for website’s ad space
    • For an alternative ad to display, we can give alternative instructions.
    • When Meridian isn’t able to fill your ad impressions, ads will display on your site at that time.
    • Backfilling with other ads is possible.
  • Pros:-

    • Have a low minimum payout threshold of $25.
    • They provide multiple payment methods including PayPal.
    • They have multiple ad formats for devices.
  • Cons:-

    • CPM rates are low for international traffic on managed demand.
    • For header bidding, win rates are consistently low.
    • Do not competitive enough against the other major header bid networks.
    • Since they only connect to DSPs for redundant demand, they have no unique demand.
  • Pricing details:-

    • Pay publishers on a net 30 basis.
    • Payment threshold is $25.00.
    • Payment is by check, PayPal,  eCheck, local bank transfer or international wire transfer.
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7. CJ affiliate program

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) is an online advertising company owned by Alliance Data operating in the affiliate to market industry operated worldwide so is the Best Google Adsense Alternative. Mainly affiliate marketing involves a merchant paying a commission to other online entities, known as affiliates, which is used for referring new business to the merchant’s website. Affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction making it a performance-based program.

Picture of CJ affiliate program

CJ Affiliate

  • Features:-

    • Has a deep Link Generator
    • Has a deep Link Automation
    • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring
    • Supports Widgets
    • View through Tracking
    • Performance-based pay
    • Lead Generation
  • Pros:-

    • Faster Revenue Generation
    • Enhanced Engagement
    • Boosted Lead Generation
    • Placement Marketplace
    • Global Platform
  • Cons:-

    • Payment threshold for the publishers is- $50 for direct deposit and $100- for the paper check.
    • Difficult customer support department.
    • Commission generated by affiliates is protected only for six months.
    • Some offers need approval by the merchants due to which rejection faced is painful.
  • Pricing details:-

    • Since it is a performance-based program, CJ affiliate only exacts a fee from publishers and advertisers when specific actions have been performed.
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