Point of sale systems is really in need by every business whether a small, medium or large in today’s technology. It is used by the businessman or retailers and helps them to do a daily task and keep a track on the daily sales and business and point of sale system for small business manages the in-store sales which help them maintain that which product has more sales and is needed more in their stores. So here is the list of best Point of sale system that should be used for small business:


This Point of sale systems for small business is a cloud-based system which is used by different retail businesses from the electronics to the apparel. This POS has some great feature of inventory management, wireless cash drawer, customer details management and acceptance of different payment options. The pricing for this POS systems starts at $99/month for 1 register and accesses up to 5 employees and for the additional employee, they add them to their monthly rate and over that this website offers a 14 day trial for free. According to companies website, they have $15 Billion in the transaction processed by our customer annually and more than 250 certified partners worldwide and 50000 and growing business across 100 countries and over 540 employees across eight offices all over the world.


It is the fastest growing POS in the world of eCommerce platforms. Shopify POS is a full-featured POS system to the retailers account to keep a store inventory, stores the contact details of a customer and the sales of the data if you require it. The user of this website can add mobile payments to sell their products anywhere if they want. This application works with both IOS and Android devices. The other feature of this website is that users of this POS can add card readers, cash drawers, receipt printer and a barcode scanner also. The other feature in this POS is the reporting dashboard and the online synchronization and the retail customer details. According to the survey of the website, there are around 600000 businesses which run by Shopify and around 1000000+ active users are there of their website and over $63B+ sold on Shopify. When it comes to the pricing of Shopify it has 14 days free trial and $ 49/month+equipments costs.

3-Square POS

This POS is the recommended to small retailers as this POS offers a reliable and secure POS software at an unbeatable price with many great features. This POS is free, mobile-friendly to process payments, track sales and inventory and monitors the users entire business. This business management POS has no monthly fee but is yet packed with many great features. This POS has no monthly cost but has a credit card processing fees. The square POS is free and 2.75% per tap, dip, or swipe and for the retailers, it starts with $60/month per location and 2.5%+10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe and for other pricing please visit the website.


This POS package hosts the sale and business management tools into an easy-to-use interface. The POS is in connection with the third-party application for features like loyalty programs, accounting, and e-commerce. This POS is one of the three top picks that doesn’t offer a built-in online store option. Shopkeep offers the inventory, employment management, and customer tracking features. When it comes to the pricing of POS the shopkeep iPad POS software costs just $69 per month with a dedicated expert for your first 60 days as a customer.


This POS is also a cloud-based POS system which works on iPad, Mac, or PC. The features included in this POS is the inventory management, its feature for managing customer profiles and build in custom loyalty programs. This POS system accepts all the NFC payments and does account integrations. This POS works with a variety of hardware and when it comes to the pricing of the vends it comes with the 30 days free trial with no credit card and no cracks sign with over 20000+ stellar retailers and comes with 3 prices of Lite, pro, and enterprise. The lite is $99/month if billed annually or $119 when billed monthly and it has 1 outlet and !+ registers and $20k monthly turnover only. The pro is the $129per month when billed annually or $159 when billed monthly and can be used 1+ outlet and 1+ registers and unlimited turnover and for the enterprise, they provide 6+ outlet with 1+ registers and unlimited turnover and the for the pricing the user can directly contact the website.


Best Point of sale systems for small business

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Point of Sale and Inventory Management System


This point of sale system for the small business offers their own eCommerce platform and has many great features for the small business users like employee management, tracking inventory, security benefits, loyalty programs, customer relationship management, reporting, and social media integration. The hardware includes iPads, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and printers. This Revel system is designed to increase the security, stability, ease of use, and speed of service.

7-Live POS

This POS has many features like dashboard and reporting, inventory, and employees and customers details system for retail chain stores, service and repair shops, and franchise operations. when it comes to the pricing there is two retailers price single outlet and growing chain. For the single outlet, the Live POS $89/month with agreement + additional checkout lane ($39/ea) and the feature are like Real-Time Dashboard, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Inventory Reports and Inventory Management. For the growing chain this POS has pricing as $129/month with agreement + additional checkout lane ($39/ea)and the features in this plan are Employee Payroll & Commission, Vendors & Purchase Orders, Custom Access Levels, Chat & SMS Alerts, Customized Tenders, Work Order & Repair, Invoicing & Account Receivables and Analysis & Franchise Reporting. On this plan, they apply some additional discount.


8-QuickBooks POS

This POS supports the retail sales which can directly be done the POS quickly. Retailers who use QuickBooks to manage their business will appreciate the seamless workings of POS for managing retail sales. The features of the QuickBooks are that this POS accepts credit cards, they have ring sales, keeps the track of your inventory, track and reward the customers, keep a sync online in QuickBooks, The pricing for the products of this Point of sale system for small business starts with the $10/month in simple start, $17/month for the essentials and $30/month for the plus.

9-Bindo POS

This point of sale system in the small business is a cloud-based POS only that offers the inventory management, customer management and e-commerce within its package. It works with online marketplaces so that shoppers can purchase the products from the inventory store. Bindo automatically populates live listing catalogs with a product photo, title and description, and users can then add price and quantity. Bindo automatically populates live listing catalogs with a product photo, title and description, and users can then add price and quantity. The pricing for this POS is that it is free for the first 14 days of the access. “At Bingo, we’ve empowered over 3,000 businesses with our reliable, fast and beautiful software. We are committed to helping you run your business better.”- Brad Lauster, Co-founder.

10-Rezku POS Software

This POS by Guest Innovations is basically designed for the bars/nightclubs and restaurants. The key feature of this POS system are customized floors, check splitting, gift cards, automated happy hour, modern signatures, customizable reports, drag-and-drop menu building, food costing, ingredient-level inventory etc. This POS is supported by the Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10. The pricing for this POS is $49/month and the hardware cost is 0% for the 3 years.


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