Compare Them All: Looking Through Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Website Builders

It seems to me that I am not going to surprise anyone with the following words. Each of us has a chance to launch an online-project without the advice of the tech-savvy web-developer. A website builder has already become an ideal solution for all inexperienced people. They take advantage of this variant in order to create an online presentation of the small business. In addition to this, businessmen with a limited budget also decide to turn to a website builder for help. Those people who have some sublime ideas to showcase can also use this variant effectively.

A number of the website builders available on the online-space is capable of intimidating you. The reason is simple. There are too many of them. How can you choose the best one? Lots of people ask themselves such a question. Today, I will make an attempt to answer this question.

Each website builder has its advantages that allow implementing even the most tremendous ideas into life. Let me start speaking about them in order to understand which one is better for your needs…

1. Novi Builder

A website builder called Novi invites users to use a whole raft of pre-designed HTML templates and additional plugins.


After the subscription, each user gets access to the enormous number of fashionable and stylish HTML templates. The subscription also allows using 20 fully-functional plugins. What is more, the amount of ready-made solutions is growing on a regular basis. 

By the way, I should mention that HTML templates become more and more popular. There are several main reasons for such a situation:

  • people can edit HTML templates using a wide selection of web-instruments;
  • all modern browsers support HTML;
  • HTML websites are better for SEO (in other words, it will be easier for your online-project to be on the top of the search results);
  • HTML pages can impress you with how quickly they are loading;
  • it is possible to install the chosen HTML template in a few clicks;
  • regular updates;
  • the prices are pretty affordable.

All of these tricks made Novi a great variant that is worth your attention.


To be completely honest, Novi Builder requires some basic programming knowledge. This means that sophisticated users will find this variant more simple than others.


Startup ($29/year)Advanced ($49/year)Developer ($149/one time)
Novi Visual HTML BuilderNovi Visual HTML BuilderLifetime access to Novi Visual HTML Builder
Novi pluginsNovi pluginsLifetime access to Novi plugins
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projectsLifetime unlimited projects
Free updatesFree updatesLifetime free updates
Developer supportDeveloper supportLifetime developer support
30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Multipurpose HTML template20+ HTML templatesLifetime access to all Novi templates


Wix is one of the most website builders all over the world. It comes together with various tools that are considered to be extremely easy in use.


If you choose Wix, you are free to forget about paying for hosting services. Furthermore, people get the opportunity to choose from different well-organized and eye-catching themes. You can customize each of them using a special drag-and-drop builder crafted especially for Wix. Besides, there are multiple extensions that allow broadening the horizons of the website functionality. Moderate prices and visually-attractive designs. These are two reasons that can assure you of choosing exactly this website builder.


At this point, I should warn you about some difficulties in terms of getting an online-project based on Wix to another platform. Moreover, some people cannot take the idea of using a free version of this website builder. For the reason that it will draw your attention from the website-building process due to advertisements.


The price of the combo plan starts at $14.95. It also allows getting a domain name. If you are interested in getting an eCommerce plan, you can get it for $26.25 per month.

3. WordPress

Who does not know about WordPress? Actually, the biggest part of online-projects all over the web is powered by this platform.


WordPress is a free open-source platform. This means that users are able to get total control over their online projects. The Internet is overloaded with an impressive number of WordPress themes web design. In addition to this, WordPress has the largest community that works on its improvements and helps others to work it out with all the problems.


Despite the fact that WordPress includes a great set of excellent instruments, it may seem a little bit difficult for novices. Anyway, those people who have been using it for a long period of time know this platform is worth.


I have already mentioned that WordPress is a free platform. Keep in mind that you should pay for your domain name and hosting. An average price for your domain name is $15 per year. Hosting services will cost you approximately $8 per month.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is a widely-used website builder that can be described as an easy-to-use one. It also allows taking advantage of various designs that will catch your attention.


To start with, users are free to edit their online-project as they wish. Thanks to a user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality, it is possible to create beautiful and well-organized layouts in a few minutes. As you can understand, it is a great option for those people who are not interested in wasting their time. Squarespace allows getting your website ready in a minimum amount of time. Furthermore, there is a wonderful eCommerce plan that allows building a fully-fledged online-store.


Unfortunately, there are not enough functions for the owners of big projects. If you do not want to face such a situation, it is better to opt for another platform.


A website based on this platform will cost you $12-18 a month. When it comes to an online-store, you should pay $26-40 a month.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a worth-while website builder for people who want to get a simple but a visually-attractive website.


All pre-designed themes designed for this platform include a wide range of instruments. As an example, you can pay your attention to a slider, gallery, contact form, and so on and so forth. Weebly also allows using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Actually, it is a little bit similar to a drag-and-drop builder included in Wix. You can work with almost all elements and view how they are positioned on the page. Moreover, it provides users with different SEO-tools. They allow taking the first places on the search results.


This website builder does not allow adding various additional options if they are not developed for Weebly.


There is a free plan that has a limited pack of options. A regular paid plan costs $8 a month. A professional plan costs $18 a month. A business plan costs $25 a month.

A Few Words in Conclusion

From now on, it should be easier for you to choose the most appropriate website builder for your online project. In my opinion, WordPress can be called the most powerful platform. Anyway, everything depends on the demands of the users, their knowledge in the programming sphere, and budget. For this reason, make sure to pay your attention to all of these aspects while opting for your perfect website builder.

If you are a beginner, it is better to choose Wix. If you are a skilled web-developer, Novi is already waiting for you. Do you want to get an online project that has a simple but engaging appearance? In this case, Weebly or Squarespace will become your assistant.

I really hope that this post was useful for you and helped to choose the best website builder. Thanks for reading!

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