A point of Sale system helps a merchant streamline important daily business activities and makes transaction easy. Businessmen rely heavily on the use of this system as it simplifies the business operations that were once upon a time very difficult to manage. A POS provides critical information such as an insight on customers which can contribute to the growth of one’s business indirectly.

To further understand the importance of a POS system, we can imagine the business as a human body and the POS system as the brain, so technically when the brain is dead, the human body is paralyzed and not able to function at all. Likewise, a Retail business without a POS system will not be able to run smoothly and might even fail. Whenever making a decision for your business,

you should always give great importance to your gut feeling because the probability of it turning out to be profitable is almost unpredictable. What separates a successful businessman from an unsuccessful one is that they keep themselves thoroughly in touch with every little development that takes place in their environment. Making a decision without the right knowledge can cause major hazards.  Through this article, we will try to help you find the right POS software to run your business.

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Following are the things one should keep in mind while purchasing a POS Software:-

Come in terms with your needs

It is very important to narrow down on specific features that your business requires in a POS software. For example, a person running a bakery will require a software based on their business model and the owner of a retail

The outlet will invest in a system which will support their business model. So, it’s very important to decide the major features you look for in your software. Once you are able to identify your business model, you can also seek the advice of someone who follows the same business model and has already installed a POS software. This will help you significantly in making the right call.

ALWAYS consider the payment processor

The emphasis on the consideration of the payment processor cannot be described aptly through words but without it, one can make huge investments in a software only to realize later that their PP is not compatible With the POS system. To avoid this problem entirely, we have two solutions. If you are starting from the scratch, that is if you are buying both the payment processor and the POS system together then experts recommend

looking into POS solutions first and then asking about their payment integrations. But going for integrated payments can be beneficiary as it will minimize the chances of human errors and double entry. If you use that then you’ll be able to access all the information and also accept payments from the same place. This can contribute to saving a lot of time.

The money you are willing to shell out for a POS system

i) Hardware

  1. If you are running a small retail business then the most you will get at an affordable price would be an IPad, credit card reader, Cash drawer and Receipt Printer.

  2. If you are running a big business retail business then you will have to opt for a more sophisticated setup which includes computers/laptops, Barcode Scanner, Label printer, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer and a credit card reader.

 ii) Software

  1. Adopt a monthly subscription instead of a long-term contract. This way you can get rid of the software if it’s not working in accordance

with your company’s needs.

  1. Choose the one where you get regular updates and customer service support.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the size of your business, which is if your business is present at more than one location and if you will be needing more hardware.


The integrity of sales data can fall in danger if the staff is not at ease with each process and keeps referring back to the manual. They could end up creating a big mess in the accounting software or could lose important data.

So, it’s necessary that you choose a software whose usability is measured before its purchase.

Compatibility with a third party software

It is important to keep the future in mind when making a huge investment.

For example, one should always check if their POS software is compatible with their accounting software. If you want to open an e-commerce online website then you also need to see if the software offers e-commerce website solutions.

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