Are you tired of not being able to strike a healthy relationship with your employees? Is it hard to make your point without making them feel insecure? As a sales manager, do you feel like you’re not able to inspire your employees to work harder? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then it’s time you shake off your old ways and create a new strategy to get the best out of your employees by presenting to them the best of yourself. Dive into the tips given below which will definitely be of great help if you’ve decided to embark on the beautiful journey of changing for the good. Remember that these tips will be for the best of both. Employees are also humans with dreams. Through this article, you will learn how to maximize the motivation inside them.

1) Respect everyone’s individuality

As an employer, the most important thing that you need to understand is that everyone has their own set of capabilities and flaws. Learn to respect them. For example, if employee A is good at arranging the merchandise, do not expect him to be as good as employee B at selling that merchandise.

The best way to handle this is by dividing their work in such a way, that they all can contribute their best.

2) Arrange morning meet-ups

They need loads of motivation, to get the merchandise lying on the shelf to the shopping bags of consumers. If you meet them every morning and applaud them for their hard work from the day before, this way they will feel encouraged to work harder. Don’t let these meetups become boring. Don’t preach too much. Keep the blabbering time short and invest more time in pouring out appreciation for them. Don’t go overboard. Extreme of anything is considered harmful.

3) Build a business relationship

When a student in school indulged in a friendly conversation with the teacher about his or her education, their confidence would rise. It is known as the ‘teacher-student’ relationship. Here, you need to establish something similar with your employees. This will help them to come out of their shells and strive to reach maximum potential.


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4) Trust is important

To create trust, try being completely transparent with them about anything you want to discuss with them. Be direct and pop a question. Simply say, “John, I’m trying to make sure if there is trust in our relationship. Is there any way we can build it?”

With this question, you are also making them think of a reply. If you had just stated something instead of following it up with a question, then the conversation would not have headed anywhere. It’s a great way to lay down your expectations from them, in front of them.

5) Give them ample opportunities

Show them how you handle your job. The point of this gesture is to give them positive vibes. They will not feel stagnant and aim to achieve greater heights. The benefit of this will be enjoyed by both. Sometimes, let them choose their work for themselves. If they think that they can excel at a particular job better, then hand them the opportunity to prove themselves to you.

Don’t stress yourself over the fact that your employees might not like you. Everyone is scared of their boss. It’s natural for them to behave in a formal manner with you. If you extend a hand of friendship towards them then they might respond in a positive manner, gradually they will develop a work-based relationship with you.

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