Introduction to SQLite Database

SQLite is an open source embedded database. SQLite is one of the most widely deployed databases in the world. SQLite database is mainly used in Smartphone operating Systems like IOS, Android etc. SQLite can perform all the Operations which a normal database Like MYSQL/SQL can perform like Create a table, Delete a table, Alter a Table, Update a Table.  like most other SQL databases, SQLite does not need any separate server process.

SQLite Consortium Members: –

  • Bentley
  • Expensify
  • Bloomberg
  • Navigation Data Standard
  • Mozilla

Rules in SQLite Database: –

  • SQLite keywords are not case sensitive. INSERT is same as an insert.
INSERT INTO Test(id,name,address) VALUES(1,"simona","Los angles, CA,USA");


insert into Test(id,name,address) values (1,"simona","Los angles, CA,USA");


  • semicolon(;) must be used after the end of the statement.


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