WordPress is currently the most popular free Content Management System for blogging and web hosting. The most important decision you have to take for the WordPress website is selecting an appropriate theme.  The content and quality of matter are as important as selecting the visual theme in pleasing the reader and keeping him engaged.

The WordPress themes have a major role to play in the visual engagement of the reader. The theme must be minimal and have an eye pleasing appearance. It must be interactive and appealing to the reader. It must satisfy the theme of the content and appear professional looking. The WordPress themes are either free or premium (paid). We can also develop our own custom themes according to the WordPress standards using PHP, HTTP, and CSS.  

The WordPress theme provides a visual framework for the viewer.  It acts as a separator for different parts of the post.  The main components like content, display area and layout are well-formatted and merged together using a theme.  Hence, they provide as a framework or blueprint for a WordPress website.

The WordPress themes have primarily the following parts that are common to all themes available on WordPress. Let’s have look at them.

Content: It shows what is contained in the post. It is usually along the same theme in the whole website. For eg, a website that publishes articles on technologies will publish its posts along the same theme. O a website that focuses on art will naturally provide posts about art only and not the technical articles. The content is the textual matter of the post and gives out the information.

Header: The header is the part that is visible at the topmost part of the post. The header is displayed as an image at the top of the WordPress post. The themes have a default header image. It can be changed by the user and a new image can be added in its place. The theme header image can be customized and any suitable one can be added relating to the particular post.

Footer:  The footer is placed at the bottom of the WordPress page. It displays the copyrights, trademarks, privacy policies, credits. The footer remains same for all the posts so it must be written in a way that important information is displayed on it common to the whole website.

Sidebar: It is located at either the sides or bottom part of the page in WordPress. The sidebar displays widgets that may not be a part of the content in the post. It is always available on the sides or bottom according to the theme. They may display advertisements, recent articles, comments, posts, calendar, popular posts and various other widgets.

The above remains common irrespective to any theme. The same components make up a WordPress website.  Only the theme color scheme, display images, the background images, fonts change. However, if the theme is set upon, then we can easily edit the theme and change any of the above.

So, we can conclude that a WordPress theme is as important as the content of the website itself. Therefore different factors must be considered while choosing one.  You can start with the highest rated and popular ones first and can always change if it doesn’t suit your work or you need a change to interact visually with the readers.

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