5+ best Free Dropbox Alternative | Dropbox was one of the first cloud storage services that were started in 2007. It quickly became mainstream and popular for its ease of use and functionality. But it is not flawless and is reported to have security issues and moreover, it offers only 2GB of cloud space which is very little compared to what is being offered by other cloud storage providers. Here we have listed 5 alternatives to Dropbox.

Google Drive

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When you think about cloud storage Google Drive is the first one that comes to mind. Google Drive is one of the best free Dropbox alternatives and it has been around for quite some time. If you are looking to use your cloud only for personal use then Google Drive is ideal for you. Google Drive gives you 15GB of storage for free compared to Dropbox 2GB, but there is a catch. The 15GB is shared across Google services like Mail and Photos. When you sign up for Google Drive you are not only restricted to cloud storage, you also get access to other Google services like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and Hangouts. You can not only upload or share documents, you can even create documents directly on your drive. Google Drive is available on all platforms so you can access your files no matter what device you are on.


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OneDrive by Microsoft is the default cloud storage service on Windows devices and is very good Dropbox alternative. It is cross-platform compatible and can be accessed via the Web, Desktop App, Windows, Android or iOS app. OneDrive users get 5GB of storage for free with premium plans starting from $2 to $69. With the top end premium plans you also get Office 365 which is a cloud-based productivity software from Microsoft giving you access to all premium features of Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. You can get the entire Office suite of applications at no additional cost if you choose a premium OneDrive plan. If you are a student this offer is so useful, even though Google Office Suite is useful Microsoft Office is the gold standard for productivity. Since Office is based on the cloud you can collaborate with others on the same document in real time. OneDrive also comes with inbuilt OneNote support that allows you to take notes, share and sync them across devices.


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Box is Dropbox for the enterprise. It is focused more on business users than individual users keeping in mind the needs of the businesses. You can access the box from anywhere, website, mobile app and even from Linux. Box provides one of the best collaborative tools on the market. It is tightly integrated with third-party applications that are highly useful for business users. Box has inbuilt Microsoft Office support which allows you to edit your documents online without the need of taking them offline. Using Box you can collaborate with others in real time. With chat support, you can chat with your teammates right within your document. The box can sync any type of file or folder. Box also saves all previous iterations of your file so you can retrieve your file in case of any accidental deletions or mishaps. The box is one of the best Dropbox alternative cloud storage service. It has a free trial period after which you have to pay.


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If you are not happy with the amount of cloud storage offered by the above-mentioned services then sync cloud storage is the one for you. It gives users a whopping 50GB of free storage. Sync also provides end to end encryption, so that all your data is encrypted in the cloud and is thus highly secured. It offers cross-platform support, thus you can access all your files from either a mobile app or using the web. Similar to Box you can collaborate and share your files others and chat with them using the inbuilt chat function making it one of the best free Dropbox alternative.Sync also has a browser extension that makes it very easy and fast to access your files with a single click. Premium plans start at 4 euros and go up to 30 euros.



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pCloud is a relatively new but fast-growing cloud storage service with over 7 million users across the globe. pCloud is one of the best free Dropbox alternatives is that it does not use the storage on your computer. Unlike Dropbox, this feature is available to both Free and Premium users. Once you upload a file to pCloud you can delete it from your local PC and access it directly from the drive even without downloading it. So you can view files without them taking up space on your laptop or PC. pCloud acts like a virtual drive to your computer. You can access those files from anywhere using the web and mobile apps. Sharing files and folders with others is possible but with some extra features like passwords and expiration dates to your share links. pCloud also has a feature called pCloud crypto which is a client-side encryption add-on, so whatever you put in your cloud folder is encrypted and the data is not known to anyone except you.

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